Wilder's IC application

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Sep 25, 2023
RP Name:

Discord Name (include #):

Time zone (GMT +/-):

Role(s) applied for:
1. Vader
2. Grand Inquisitor
3. Any Brother or Sister idm
4. Inquisitor Adept

Previous experience:
501st MCO
Assistant Battalion General
Jedi spec+
(TMOD in staff for over a year but unrelated)

Describe in your eyes, the role of the regiment and position you are applying for:
I believe the role of being an inquisitor+ is a position of power that should be the ideal standing point of ensuring order is maintained, being an inquisitor+ can also allow great RP moments if the person in position is open minded and all in all should be well disciplined being a regiment that holds so much power on the server. I would also expect that the positions that I have applied for are also a leading figure which should be trusted to people who know what to do and can take control of a situation when people are unsure of what to do.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for the role?:
I've had plenty of experiences being in positions of power, I've handled many situations that I never imagined was possible on an RP server but in general id say I've gained a lot of experience from playing clone wars for 2 years, 1 of those years was running 501st and 4 months as general going to many different regiments and getting a deeper understanding of how to run a regiment and finding fun ways to have fun in a shit scenario.

How active can you be?:
Finish exams in like 3 weeks then I'm free as a bird for a whole year
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was a shite 501st MCO and ABG wouldnt trust him to water a fish never mind lead sith all i got to say.

very handsome!
That is a very handsome man above, but also yes Wilder was not that great in the positions, maybe as a lower Inquisitor rank.
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Sitting in a vc all together and writing this type of stuff doesn't make you great in a position either
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On behalf of the Inquisitorious, I unfortunately have to deny this application due to the fact that: We are unsure on your previous experiences within Jedi/Sith/Inquisitorious. We hope to see you as an Inquisitor at some point anyways.

- Lord Vader
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