Water's Green Company


Sep 10, 2023
Green Company:


Green Company is a sub-unit of the 41st Elite Corps. They are known for sticking to the high ground, the eyes in the sky. Wielding their powerful weaponry, they provide sniper support to those on the ground. They see what others don't, keeping their brothers safe from a great distance - they are some of the best Marksmen the Republic has to offer. Green Company is one with the environment, using camouflage to stay hidden from enemy sight - taking them out one by one. Due to the nature of the Company, they are able to scout and relay information without even being seen, to give the Republic the advantage when going into battle. Green Company is under the command of Clone Commander CC-1004 Gree, Jedi General Luminara Unduli, and briefly Grand Master Yoda. Green Company was notably deployed in the defence of the Tranquility, the battle of Kashyyyk, and the attack on Utapau.



The standard rifle of the GAR, the IQA-11 found good use in the hands of Green Company, pairing well with their renowned sharpshooting. The IQA-11 does 200 damage a shot, with 5 shots in the mag and an rpm of 75. This high damage, pinpoint accuracy, and supported by a strong fire rate, allows it to eliminate HVTs in a short time from a long distance.


Awarded to SGT+, the DC-15S is a key weapon for GC when in a pinch. Sometimes CQC is unavoidable or we are ordered to go into close-quarters scenarios to provide assistance, but this weapon does the job just fine in times of need. It does around 35 damage per shot, has a medium rate of fire, and has 25 shots.


There is a specialist class in Green Company called Marksman. These are indefinitely the most elite snipers in Green Company and arguably The Grand Army of the Republic. They go through difficult trials that test all different technicalities of combat ranging from movement to discipline to marksmanship and much more. They are led by a Marksman Commander who is chosen by the Senior Officers based on whether they have the right attitude and qualities. They also have more specialist equipment such as the T702 Sniper Rifle, BARC Speeder, and DC-17 Pistol.

T-702 Sniper Rifle

Originally designed to take out the systems of ships, the T-702 Sniper Rifle packs a devastating punch. When used on biological lifeforms, it disintegrates them, leaving little traces of its victims. It does around 500 damage with 1 shot in the chamber before the central energy cell has to recharge, enabling Marksmen to take out their target with ease. All senior officers are equipped with this weapon as well as Marksmen as they have once proven themselves to be worthy of Marksmen Commanders.

We are equipped with grapple Hooks which allows us to gain a tactical advantage through scaling any and every wall we come across.

BARC Speeder

The vehicle can be deployed by Marksmen, Medics, and Major+ and allows them to maneuver around the battlefield at great speed. They can get to positions lightning-fast giving them an advantage over the enemy. The BARC Speeder also enables them to scout ahead and fulfill their secondary role if necessary. This speeder is also equipped with a pair of blasters that do significant damage to ships and droids alike if that support is needed.


DC-17 Pistol

This pistol is in the load out of Marksmen and although isn't anything special, it is easily concealed and can save lives. A pistol is always welcome in a sniper's loadout.

Current Marksmen

Marksmen Commander: Snake

Marksmen: Mark, Cardbord, Light, Ryleth
Current Officers

Commander: Water
Executive Officer: N/A
Major: N/A
Captains: Snake
1st Lieutenants:
2nd Lieutenants: Redacted, Mark, Cardbord, Dequu

Hall of Fame

Buck Lynch Swamp Kramme Davros Sid Crimson Wolfram Jotuski Jono Viking Meph Rooster Brad Spyro Aizakku Goose Higgins Synth Sirox Silence Zach Quickload iShooting Kane Lewis LHM Banthony Taz Jakka Egg Shepherd Hopper Andromeda Skywalker Chihiro Deadeye Water First
This Week's Regimental Notices:

GC got Reg Of The Week!!!!!
I was promoted to Commander
Cardbord was promoted to 2nd LT
Dequu was promoted to 2nd LT


GC Did great on activity this week maintaining a solid 5+ troopers on almost every event. Big W.


Performance has been solid, absolutely no incidents happened this week at all, no arrests or anything, Another big W.