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Jan 1, 2024
RP Name: Vex
Discord Name (include #): OasisVex
Time zone (GMT +/-): BST/GMT

Role(s) applied for: Scorch/Kreel/Crosshair

Previous experience:
MVG Imperial:
Clan Akaan 1st LT
TF-99 2nd LT
212th SGM
PT 2nd LT

MVG Clone Wars:
RC 2nd LT
501st 2nd LT
212th 1st LT
Alpha ARC
GC 2nd LT
RMT 2nd LT Equivalent
Jedi Guardian

Describe in your eyes, the role of the regiment and position you are applying for: The Special Forces should be a deep spec ops/ hostage rescue and or assassination regiment that utilises team work. A strong unit that can be reliable in any different scenario that they have been put to. As the leader position i believe my duty at the beginning will be to help people get to bearings with their position within the regiment, my time would mainly consist of making and updating spreadsheets and making sure i can be the best leader for it as possible, and hosting as many trainings i can to make the regiment active. on top of this i would love to build people up for the LT roles and making sure that they understand the role and how to lead a regiment.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for the role?: I've spent a lot of time in MVG in numerous different ranks and i believe through all my time i could be a great fit for this role, on top of this i have spent a lot of my MVG time previously in RC and understanding how they used to work, I believe this role would be best suitable for me on top of this.

How active can you be?: I can be on everyday about 6 hours a day and more on weekends
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such a random IC thing looooool
also failed to hit 3 quota in rc as a 1st lt then left
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-=[ Incoming transmission from Naval Command aboard the ISD Chimaera ]=-
-= Credentials: | Name: Mitth'raw'nuruodo AKA Thrawn | Rank: Grand Admiral | Vessel: Chimaera =-

Naval command has reviewed your application and we have decided that you will be Denied into the Special Forces. Sadly we do not wish to add any more Officers at this point in time. Feel free to join the Special Forces game on release and climb the ranks!

Long live the Empire!
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