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Feb 1, 2024
In-game Username: LaFoursh

Steam ID: 76561198356110259

Ban Reason: (Give relevant information about your ban): I cannot check it anymore but I believe it was RDM+NTRP. If there is any way to check outside of Garry's Mod I will update the thread.

Who Banned You: I do not remember and when I try to rejoin the server, it simply says "Connection failed after 6 retries".

Which Server/Platform: Multiverse Gaming Clone Wars RP

Date of ban: February 1st, 2024

Length of ban: Permanent

Why do you think you should be unbanned: I joined the server, got trained, jumped in a tank, and started shooting drop pods. Some nimrod runs from the mountains to jump into my line of fire and dies. Here is the link to the clip:
https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1SKekWwbbfCPhu/d1337CjEOZ1l?invite=cr-MSxENHEsMTk4MTUyMTMs. Admin pulls me, looks at warnings, and says I have nine warnings. I had no idea I even played on this server before so I checked and saw that ALL nine warnings were from January 2021, when I was 16, from the same guy and the same day. This is only a few days after I first got Garry's Mod in December 2020 for Christmas. When everyone first plays Garry's Mod, we tend to not know what to do, what the rules mean, or how to act properly in an RP setting. I can understand how I got the warnings back then, but even then, getting nine warnings in one day from the same guy is excessive. I see no reason why warnings from more than three years ago now hold any significance or relevance to anything. Also, the video evidence is provided for my most recent warning in the Medal link which shows that I did not purposely kill that trooper. He simply had no common sense and got himself killed. I have played countless other servers before and accidents like this occur all the time. It is a video game, and people can respawn if they make dumb decisions. If there are any other questions or anything that needs to be done to improve this thread, let me know in the replies how to fix it as I do not understand how these forums work. I just wanted to play as a clone shooting some droids.
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Hi LaFoursh,

Thanks for putting the time into this unban appeal.
I will take a look at this tomorrow, though I must say that you should not alt account.

This will decrease your chances of being unbanned.
Nevertheless, I will see this as a stupid mistake and take a look into this ban.
Hello Froggy,
After talking to others about this.

We have decided to Deny your unban appeal.
This is primarily due to the fact that you had used an Alt-Account to avoid your ban which had made this much worse.

Ban evading is a serious offense and is dealt with harsh punishment.

Thanks for attempting.
// Moved to Denied - Locked.
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