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Sep 3, 2023

Unban Requests

Last Updated: 06/09/23, by: Community Manager Rush

Welcome to the unban request section! As you are here, presumably you have been banned. Should you want to be unbanned from either our game servers, Discords or Forum, you must submit an unban request or simply wait out the suspension.

Ban time & length
For all bans of 48 hours or less, there is very little chance of the request being reviewed by a staff member before the ban expires. You may as well wait out a short length ban and take the time to read through the specific rules relating to your ban. For any longer bans, reviews will vary depending on the ban reason & ban length. If you feel the ban is unfair and you have had no choice but to server the ban, you may submit a complaint in the Complaints section of the forum and this will be reviewed.

Multiverse Gaming is a large community, this means it takes us some time to thoroughly review unban request and come to a reasoned conclusion on each case. We have a limited staff team that can deal with these requests, so please bear with us if it takes some time.

Staff & the final say
Under no circumstance should you message any staff member about your unban request unless you are specifically asked to by a staff member. Staff members have the final say on all unban requests and should be respected as such. Pestering staff about a ban may result in a lengthier ban.

When writing your unban request, staying mature is the key to acceptance. Should you choose to go about in your unban request and use any foul language or be generally disrespectful, the reviewing staff member may choose to instantly deny your request. Remember that formality is your friend and respect costs you nothing.

When appealing any ban, please use the following template in a new post.

Note: Not or refusing to follow the template and your appeal may be ignored and overtime denied.

If you are appealing a permanent ban, should your request be denied, you must wait a minimum of two weeks - or a period of time to the denying staff member's discretion - before reapplying.

Unban Request Template

In-game Username:

Steam ID:

Ban Reason:
(Give relevant information towards your ban)

Who Banned You:

Which Server/Platform:

Date of ban:

Length of ban:

Why do you think you should be unbanned:

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