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Sep 15, 2023

Name: Jake
Age (you must be at least 16): 25
Time zone (GMT +/-): BST
In-Character Name(s): Smooley
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55255306
About me: Hello, I'm Smooley. I am a graduate who is also a massive nerd, collector and Star Wars fanatic - if you couldn't tell. I have spent the last few years enjoying my time after University but also being stuck in a village in the UK. I have recently been accepted into a teaching position in Japan and will make my departure come August and find Garry's Mod a really easy but enjoyable way to pass the time. Went to recent Star Wars celebrations, met MVG'ers in real life, we chillin. I have loved and watched all the new shows and am very up to date on most SW lore.
Why do you want to become a staff member?: I want to become a staff member as I consider myself to be an extremely creative individual but also quick minded. I have tons of staff experience whether it be creating/developing servers to moderating them, including MVG (as seen in my previous staff experience). I want to become a staff member as I know I can put my quick mindset to helping calls and with my previous experience being staff I can be a helpful asset to the server. As mentioned I also consider myself to be extremely creative and as a Star Wars fan I know I can happily and willingly bring fun and creative events to the server where each regiment will feel involved and hopefully enjoy what I have to offer. With Imperial, I have been helping here and there and offering advice on what should be on the server, IC and OOC. Have tried my best to avoid any beef/drama recently too since my last application on Clone Wars.

Server Info

Have you received any in-game warnings, kicks, or bans?:
  • Community ban by Tanks for making a separate community. Valid, I did indeed to this a few (too many) times.
  • Community ban by Deadshot for similar reasons but toxicity added on. Valid, I did indeed to this a few times and was a bit toxic to our current owner.
  • Warn and demotion (quickly resolved) from Dank for switching to a random job when I was first advisor at like 5am. Valid, I did this once but dont think it required a warn personally but the demotion was justified quickly.
  • Warn from Jack for job abusing my fleet whitelist recently. Valid, I did indeed to this and admitted to my fault. I shouldn't have seen an 11pm passive as downtime.
Do you have a microphone?: Yes
How active can you be?: Fairly, my hours at work are increasing but not to a dramatic level.
Do you have any previous staff experience?: Too much. Developed the best version of Imperial, developed my own communities, remade Clone Wars about 3 times under Dax, Clone Wars Head Admin etc.
Do you agree to adhere to the staff guidelines?: Yes. I'll cut down my minging (though fun) and focus on staffing requirements. I'll cut down on my arguing also with people on the forums, as much as it gets the blood flowing.
+ Support

Once again has massive experience in this field, would be a key member of staff and I am sure would help improve the server dramatically. Has no life and loves gmod, there is no better combo for a staff member.

Good luck!
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I haven't talked to Smooley to much but from what I've seen, he enjoys being in this community, He knows it like the back of his hand, And he would be a great addition to the newly formed Staff team on Imperial.
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On Behalf of the MVG Management Team. You have been Accepted You will be given the rank of Trial-Moderator, You will be given roles on Discord. Please contact management to get them assigned. Congatulations.
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