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-= Credentials | Codename: Roger | ID: 8072 | Rank: Battalion General Roger | Stationed: Titan Crew =-

-= Representing the Grand Army of the Republic =-

Republic Army Rules and Regulations​


1. Inactivity for more than 5 days without informing a 2nd LT+ will first result in a demotion. Once a demotion has been given and the trooper still hasn't come online the next day the trooper is to be kicked.
Unless in a donator regiment, where the cooldown before being set to passive, is 7 days.

2a. You must be SGT+ to try-out for any regiment specialist role.
2b. You must be SGT+ to tryout for any regimental sub-spec role.

3. You must be 2nd LT+ in order to become a Medical Officer (MO)

4. Follow the chain of command and always listen to your superior officers, unless ordered otherwise by higher ranking officials (if you have complaints about officers, refer to chain of command).

5. Public regimental fighting ("beef") will not be tolerated and all those involved shall be disciplined.

6. You can not be above the rank of 2nd LT on multiple characters, (This includes other communities), you can only be a officer rank in 1 regiment/branch.

7. The brotherhood rules must always be followed, unless granted otherwise by Fleet/Generals.

8a. Only CPT+ may order Arrest On Sight (AOS) warrants.
8b. Only Rear Admiral+ and the Supreme General may order Kill On Sight (KOS) warrants.

9. Follow the Regulations in place by Fleet (Crimes on ship)

10a. You must write your rank in the abbreviated style, e.g. "PVT" instead of "Private".
10b. Major+ may write out their full rank without the abbreviation.

11. All regimental property (Spreadsheets/Discords/etc.) are to be owned by SG/RSB.

12. The pauldron bodygroup is restricted to SGT+, kama bodygroup is restricted to LT+ and the CO rankplate is restricted to CO+ regardless of lorecharacter or regimental bodygroup rules.
Note: Only exceptions are ARC, RC, NSO and GM/WP/212th on harsh missions, this does not include the CO rankplate

These rules are global rules and are to be followed by all on the base/ship, there are no exceptions.

Promotion Rules:
1. All regiments must follow the minimum promotion cooldowns, however Commanders may increase the cooldown period for their regiment.

2. All promotions must meet requirements, either the ones set by the Commander or the standard rules (e.g. to be promoted to SGT, you must train a cadet)

3a. All clones must start at the rank of PVT, unless it's a transfer or a returning Veteran SGT (Ex CPT+).
3b. Veteran Sergeant, VSGT, can be awarded to former Captain+ in the respective regiment at the Commander's discretion.
3c. Veteran Sergeants can lose their status as a Veteran at the Commander's discretion.

4. ABG+ may ignore promotion cooldowns if they deem it necessary and are deployed.

5a. If you need to promote a trooper before their promotion cooldown is up you must get permission from a BG+
5b. If you need to have a trooper skip a rank you must get permission from a BG+

6. The total limit for regiments is 35 members. If this changes the regimental representatives will be notified in the Commander's discord.
Note: Does not apply to donator regiments.

7a. The maximum amount of officers a regiment can have is 10 -- 7 Officers & 3 Senior Officers.
7b. A regiment may only have 2 CPTs at a given time, unless they have an Alpha ARC or MO, in which case that member may be promoted to CPT too, for a total of 3 CPTs.
Note: If you have an Alpha ARC and an MO it doesn't mean you get 4 Captain slots, you are hard capped at 3.
7c. If a regiment has over 10 Officers, they will be forced to demote an officer back down to SGM.

Minimum Promotion Cooldowns:
Each rank has a cooldown between the next promotion. This is to stop individuals flying through the ranks way too quick, i.e. "powerplaying".

Enlisted Ranks:
PVT - No cooldown
PFC - 1 Event
LCPL - 1 Day
CPL - 2 Days

NCO Ranks:
SGT - 3 Days
SSG - 3 Days
MSG - 4 Days
SGM - 5 Days

Officer Ranks:
2nd LT - 10 Days
1st LT - 10 Days
CPT - 14 Days

Senior Officer Ranks:
MJR - 14 Days
XO - N/A
CO - N/A (Promoted by a General)

Transfer Rules:
1. The highest rank you may transfer to is 1st LT, unless granted by a BG+

2A. Only Jedi Generals (and above) may transfer into a regiment, with approval from the CO and BG+ - You may NOT transfer into Jedi/Out of Jedi unless Jedi General+
2B. The Jedi General has to have been involved with a regiment for at least 30 days before a transfer can be made.
(Doing trainings/interactring with the regiment counts for this as long as logs are provided)

2C. Troopers may not transfer into Jedi/Fleet.

3. Transfers must be approved by both MJR+ in both regiments.

4. Transfers to SDW/RC are allowed, however all rules still apply.

5. You must go down at least 1 rank when transferring.

6. ABG/BG may transfer in as CPT with the Commander's approval.
6a. SG may transfer in as a MJR with the Commander's approval.

7. Fleet Commander+ can transfer up to CPT in any regiment, with approval of the CO and BG+.

8. Regiments reserve the right to blacklist troopers who "Reg Hop", meaning someone who goes from regiment-to-regiment without staying long.

If you have any questions, please ask MCO+.

You must be Ex. CPT+ in a regiment to be eligible for Veteran Sergeant (VSGT) of that regiment. It is up to the Commander whether to give them Veteran status or not.

Once given Veteran Sergeant, CO/XO has to fill out a form in the CO Discord. This is so Generals can keep logs of all active Veterans currently on the server. You may need to provide proof of a Veteran's status if requested by ABG+.

In game, the VSGT will have access to the SGT Whitelist, and has to remain as a VSGT for a minimum of 5 days, before promotion to SSG.

As a VSGT, you can not join regimental specialisations, ARC, Medics etc.

It is up to the Commander of the regiment to decide if a Veteran can return as a VSGT.

Once the VSGT has played a minimum of 5 days, they can then be promoted to SSG, after they are promoted to SSG, they will lose their VET Status.

VSGT is equivalent to SGT in terms of in-game permissions.

Republic Chain of Command​

Army High Command:

Supreme General
Battalion General
Assistant General

Senior Officers:

Marshal Commander
Executive Officer


1st LT
2nd LT

Non-commissioned Officers (NCO):




Unassigned Troopers:



Grand Admiral
Rear Admiral

High Ranking Fleet:


Middle Ranking Fleet:

Lieutenant Commander
Sub Lieutenant

Standard Ranking Fleet:

Senior Officer
Officer 1st Class
Officer 2nd Class

Training Ranks:


The only Jedi with a rank equivalency is Grand Master Yoda, who is equal to Admiral.

Grand Master Yoda
Master Of Jedi
High General

The Brotherhood Rules

Golden Rule: Never shoot another brother
Silver Rule: Follow the Rules of Engagement
Bronze Rule: Never pick up equipment that doesn’t belong to you unless told to by Staff/Fleet/Generals

The Rules of Engagement:
Rules of Engagement (ROE): Do not fire unless fired upon.
Jedi have priority over Saber users.
SDW (and other Electrostaff users) have priority over Electrostaff users.
Ranged enemies are clear for anyone to engage, regardless of whoever engaged first.
Do not engage while Jedi are fighting Saber users, this also applies to if Jedi are engaging Electrostaff users.
Do not engage while SDW are engaging Electrostaff users, this also applies if SDW are engaging a Saber user.
Ranged troopers are clear to be engaged by ANYONE, regardless to whoever shot first.​
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