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Trial Moderator
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Jan 12, 2024

Name: Keene

Age (you must be at least 16): 23

Time zone (GMT +/-): GMT

In-Character Name(s): N/A at the moment

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68726537

About me: I'm Keene or more infamously known as Themexicanjew, I've stuck around MVG for so long I've contracted some form of brain rot that I actually enjoy it at the ripe age of 23.

I recently stepped down from Quinlan Vos on CW to give my self a little break before the big imperial release as I plan to no life it to be honest.

I used to do a lot of development work before my community ban years ago, some of which remains on Clone wars today, others are used by tens of thousands of content packs across the workshop.

If you want to know more about me personally, I live in the North West of England, Im a senior IT analyst for a global data company, I live with my girlfriend (more accurately she lives with me since I pay more of the bills) and I like star wars a lot.

Why do you want to become a staff member?:
Imperial requires a lot of work in the background to actually run, it's all good having regiments and a ship but unless there's passive RP (rebel ships caught in tractor beams, spice freighters not broadcasting a valid ID, rogue Jedi being brought for questioning) and active RP (events, missions, spec ops etc) there's not much to keep people entertained.

Doing the above, answering tickets, ensuring the rules are followed, these are all things I'm happy to do if I'm accepted into this position.

Server Info
Have you received any in-game warnings, kicks, or bans?: currently on record I was infamously community banned 4/5 years ago (overturned now of course), and I have a warning from Keller from 2022 for being "toxic"

Do you have a microphone?: yes

How active can you be?: Monday to Friday 5pm-11pm, weekends varied.

Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yep, Admin on Ruby/Davros Imperial, Senior admin on HaloRP, senior admin on DarkRP.

Do you agree to adhere to the staff guidelines?: I do yes
+ Support

Known Mexican for a fair while, he's a good guy, has lots of past experience and doesn't take shit too seriously but is still capable and is a good balance for any leadership team. Good luck man!
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On Behalf of the MVG Management Team. You have been Accepted You will be given the rank of Trial-Moderator, You will be given roles on Discord. Please contact management to get them assigned. Congatulations.
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