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Sep 9, 2023
Wolfpack Battalion

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The Wolfpack Battalion are a Quick Reaction Force and Hostage Rescue regiment inside of the GAR. Wolfpack Troopers are equipped with the T-12 Thrusters which allow the troopers to be extremely agile and fast moving. Wolfpack Troopers are trained in Thrusters, Grappling Hook and Hostage Rescue as soon as they join the regiment, this allows them to be extremely effective with their equipment from the start. Wolfpack Troopers weaponry is suited towards Close Quarters Combat, with high RPM SMGs and Shotguns to get close and kill. Wolfpack is the fastest ground troopers due to their Thrusters, allowing them to travel to dangerous situations in a small amount of time.

Wolfpack Loadout
The DC-17 Sidearm is the sidearm given to all troopers but rarely used due to the all round use of the other weapons. All Wolfpack troopers are equipped with a singular DC-17 sidearm which deals 30 damage. Major+ are given a dual set of DC-17 Sidearms which displays rank.​
The CR-2 is the main weapon which every Wolfpack member is equipped with. It has 45 rounds per mag and does 30 damage per shot. It is fast firing which gives a large damage output, but the spread and accuracy makes it hard to aim while moving at fast speeds with the thruster. It has a range of scope options to cover longer-ranges compared to the built-in iron sights.​
The Hunter Shotgun is only given to SGT+. It is a Carbine Shotgun which does 245 damage per round and, with a reduced accuracy due to the more powerful shots when close. It has an ammo capacity of 5 rounds in the mag, and fires at 100RPM which is to compensate for the high damage output. When combined with the use of the thruster to close the distance it is a deadly weapon in the hands of any Wolfpack.​

Wolfpack Equipment
The T-12 Thruster is specifically for the Wolfpack regiment which provide our agility and maneuverability in the air. These allow us to flank and get into the high grounds as well as confusing the enemies when we are constantly flying and shooting around them.​
The Grappling Hook enables all WP to climb any wall they come across when on the battlefield and when combined with the use of the T-12 Thruster can prove to be a great method of travel.​

The Pathfinder role is for elite members of Wolfpack, run by the HPF, who have chosen to take the tryout to become a Pathfinder Trooper. The try out can be taken at SGT. This tryout challenge even the best trooper to ensure that the trooper has what it takes to become a PF. The purpose of the PF is to act as an specialised unit within Wolfpack who are experts in scouting and hostage rescue, being capable of dealing with hostage situations quickly and effectively with the use of their J-12 Jetpack.​
Pathfinders are equiped with the afformentioned J-12 Jetpack which allows them to traverse any environment with ease and finesse while also giving them an aireal advantage over any enemy.​
The CR-2C is a standard Carbine rifle for Pathfinders that replace the CR-2C. It does 35 damage per bullet and has 45 ammo in the magazine but this comes with harder to control recoil. However, when used with a scope it allows Pathfinders to engage at mid-long range effectively. Additionally new technology is being developed that will allow the CR-2C to lauch a recon dart that will allow the Pathfinder to identify different enemies through walls however this is still in the hands of the GAR's RnD Department.​

Wolfpack Senior Officers
Commander: LoCho
Executive Officer: Shadow
Major: Babu
Jedi General Plo Koon: Baylan

Wolfpack Specialisation Leaders
Alpha ARC: Skurper
Pathfinder Leader: Fuse
Medical Officer: Exel

Basic Rules
  • Never use equipment outside of events or trainings unless permission from Navy or LT+
  • If arrested multiple times (3) or for a serious offence, will be a demotion in the regiment.
  • If inactive for 5+ days without notice will result in removal from the regiment.
  • Have common sense when it comes to server rules, respect and discipline.
If you have any questions, or feel the need to get in contact with CO LoCho or anyone else, please DM LoCho on Discord or ask any LT+ In Game.

Wolfpack Discord
Wolfpack Spreadsheet
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Regimental Notices (07/04/2024)
  • Congratulations to Keth on his promotion to Executive Officer
  • Congratulations to Shadow on his promotion to Major
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Regimental Notices (29/04/2024)
  • Unfortunately Executive Officer Keth has chosen to resign from his position​
  • Congratulations to Exel on becoming our new Medical Officer
  • Congratulations to Major Shadow on his promotion to Executive Officer
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Regimental Notices (07/05/2024)
  • Wolfpack rework is now live and our main role has now changed from Scouting to QRF​
  • No.1 Rule of WP updated to "Don't use your thrusters without permission"​
  • Pathfinders now have the same Scouting priority as GC and now specialise in Hostage Rescue and Scouting​
    Any Questions regarding the Wolfpack Rework should be directed to Commander LoCho
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Regimental Notices (16/06/2024)
  • Congratulations to CPT Babu on his promotion to Head Pathfinder
  • Unfortunately CPT Owen has decided to transfer to CC and resign from his position as WP Alpha ARC
  • Congratulations to CPT Babu on his promotion to WP Major
  • Unfortunately Jedi General Plo Koon is no longer deployed with the Titan Crew, we await his return​
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Regimental Notices (09/07/2024)
  • Congratulations to 1st LT Fuse on his promotion to Head Pathfinder
  • Congratulations to 2nd LT Skurper on his promotion to Alpha ARC
  • We welcome back Jedi General Plo Koon (Baylan) to the Titan Crew​
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