Kalin's 212th Attack Battalion


Sep 11, 2023
Kalin's 212th Attack Battalion
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Meet the 212th Attack Battalion!

The Senior Team!

Marshal Commander Cody : Kalin

Executive Officer Waxer : JI

Major Boil : N/A

The LT Team:

Captain Rashi [Medical Officer / Crys]
Captain Price
Captain Lemon [Trapper]
1st Lieutenant Countdown [Barlex]
1st Lieutenant Terminus
2nd Lieutenant Speedy [Tracker]
2nd Lieutenant Jet [Threepwood]

What is the 212th Attack Battalion?

We are a frontline Heavy Ordinance regiment that focuses on the uses of heavy equipment. We work on the frontline alongside the 501st and ensure it is cleared effectively and quickly with our equipment that cannot be matched. We have the DLT-19: a LMG that is effective at clearing out hostiles quickly and effectively, the Jump-pack, a mobility equipment that lets us reach higher positions that other units cannot, and thermal detonators, which when utilised correctly can deal devastating damage.

We have 3 specialisations:

Ghost company

What is the 212th Ghost Company?

Ghost Company is the 212th Attack Battalions Primary Spec, It is a heavy explosive division of 212th that focuses in the use of the RPS-6 and driving the TX-130 and ATTE. The RPS-6 is a heavy rocket launcher that is highly explosive and dangerous. The TX-130, is a hover tank used by the G.A.R., it has rockets and lasers, and a mountable turret on top that can be used in either, Pure laser or Rapid fire modes, and then there's the ATTE, the main 212th heavy tank that can be used when seniors or Ghost Spectre are on - it is a 6 legged walker with turrets on the front,back and top.

Ghost Company is led by Trapper, the Ghost Spectre.

Current Members: 6/10

What is the 212th Regimental Medics?

The regimental medics are a off branch from the 212th Attack Battalion that are led by the Regimental Medic CO and XO, they provide support to troopers on the battlefield and ensure they are kept alive and well, They have the Grappling hook, which is used to reach areas that the 212th cannot normally reach, they also have Defibrillators to revive those downed in battle, and then the health kit and the ammo box, these can be used to heal and give ammo, and also the Stim Shot to overheal a trooper.

Current Members: 6/7

What is the 212th Advanced Recon Commandos?

Just like the Medics, ARCs for short are led by external members of the republic, the ARC CO and XO, they are elite trained members who are trained to be the best and most effective in combat, they like medics have the Grappling hook, however they also have a Westar-5 and Dual DC-17, this equipment ensures they complete their mission no matter what at a pace that cannot be matched.

Current Members: 1/3

212th Hall of Fame

Kallig - Tony/Darman - Kiwi - Blow - Trapper - Skarhead - Dino - Leon - Pheenie - Spooks - Rex - Herah/Kalin - Boxer - Ridano - Loz - Dova - Gladius - Mitch - Cody - Rinswit - Kask -Robster - Docvon - Bluu - Demo - AlphaTitan - Anglite - Blauw - Zambeh - Ellis - Mendy - Dark - Coombe
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212th Notes of the Week 12/05/2024

XO Wasp has resigned. He shall be missed dearly by the regiment. /me salutes.
Build has been promoted to 1st LT.
Terminus has been promoted to 2nd LT.

Trooper of the week for a THIRD consecutive week is SGM Lemon!

Officer of the week is 1st LT Build!

CO Cody out.
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212th Notes of the Week 26/05/2024

1st LT Blasaia has stepped down.
JI has been promoted to XO.
Price has been promoted to 1st LT.
Lemon has been promoted to 2nd LT.

Trooper of the week is SGM Speedy!

Officer of the week is 2nd LT Lemon!

CO Cody out.
212th Notes of the Week 02/06/2024

1st LT Build has stepped down.
Lemon has been promoted to 1st LT.
Speedy has been promoted to 2nd LT.

Trooper of the week is SGM(now 2nd LT) Speedy for a 2nd week in a row!

Officer of the week is 2nd LT Terminus!

CO Cody out.