WP Keycard QRF & GA/SG Rank Equivalency Lock

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Sep 9, 2023
Your In-Game Name: WP Commander LoCho

Suggestion: Give all WP SGT+ access to all door keypads
Reason 1: When doing QRF we need to be able to get into the rooms we are called to typically being AIC and CC/MB this means we need to be able to open doors we are called for to do this effectively. Making it SGT+ means that you don't get it from the moment you get in but only when you get NCO and have been Vetted enough to be trusted. Clearance Levels don't need to change as during Defcon 5 they should not be abusing it and severe punishment would be handed out if that is done.
Staff Vote Required?: No
Generals Needed?: No

Suggestion 2: Make it so that no one but RSB can change the rank equivalencies of SG & GA from where they are currently (the same)
Reason: Typically there can be constant infighting which is very clear to those who listen and by doing this it will have a preventive measure so that neither can step on each others toes and neither can pull rank which has happened in the past. They both deal with completely different parts of IC management on the server and as such shouldn't be changed from being equal and working together on big decisions
Staff Vote Required?: No
Generals Needed?: No
the second suggestion is technically already a thing GA and SG equivalency can't change without RSB agreeing to it they have final say for this as it regards both highest ranks within IC.

there needs to be valid reasoning behind making the suggestion and not just "im going to make it because I can" so to speak.

myself and Roger have spoken about this and it wouldn't be happening whilst either of us are leading Gens/fleet as it would definitely damage the relationship that gens and fleet currently have.

if it was to be suggested I know it will be long after me and Roger have left our positions. or failed our magna cartes.

but all in all I support this suggestion.
One thing that should be noted if suggestion 1 is granted it should be extended to all QRF units who are NCO+. Due to there being no real reason why the rationale does not apply to CC for example.

A different take (less confident moreso just throwing stuff if it gets it more likely to be accepted) is 2nd LT+ as realistically you have an event lead or someone spectating them on.

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On Behalf of the Republic Navy and the Admiralty Team, I will be replying to your second suggestion only.
The WP SGT+ keycard suggestion will be voted on during the fleet meeting on Sunday.

In regards to the second suggestion, as Ryan has stated the process you have stated is already in effect where the Grand Admiral and Supreme General equivalency can not be changed without reasoning given to RSB, their input and permission is required for this change to be made. With this in mind the second suggestion is Approved as it is already in effect.

Any further conversation on this suggestion should be aimed towards the WP SGT+ QRF Suggestion!​

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On Behalf of the Republic Navy,

Your First Suggestion has been Accepted and in addition to Wolfpack SGT+ gaining the correct clearance level for QRF duties, Fleet has decided to give the Republic Commandos SGT+ the same access to make it equal between both regiments as both have QRF duties.
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