WiltOS Development Changes

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WiltOS General Changelog​

Perhaps this should've been done before. Either way;
Jedi is in a period of active development, and the changelogs are getting too long for Discord, so here they are.
These are the changes that were made a week-ish ago to Jedi/Sith.
Luminara added to half the lists shes missing from for backend wiltOS stuff
More force powers are parryable - Plo's lighting, for instance
Some preset sabers were made for staff, so Jedi EE's can have a Jedi-like list of powers
Siths got Rage back
Illegal item has been noticed and reversed 🙃
Misc items (proficency amps, etc) were made non-duplicatable
Some items for future prestiging systems were added, but not fully implemented
Execution moved off Yoda, easier access to devestators replaced it
Consular shields fixed
Group heal buffed - and then removed, and placed to be an optional ability on the force heal skill - more on that later
Force heal has a secondary, to heal the person you're looking at - should stop people using the SWEP as much, but this is largly a test of the userbase.
Force breach has been buffed to open buttons, moveLinears, etc. Master Force Breach has been removed
Aaylas force power has changed from MFB to Speed
Siths heal works now, Siths Lightning Bolt doesn't stop you attacking for 10s or so
Consular Force Push brought down a little - was stronger than the guardian version
Plo's lightning force cost doubled, since FP maxes are higher - also brought down to the level it was at before.
Force Statis manual aim, changed a little bit.
Master Force Leap changed, now its a 1/4 leap after you jump, but a regular leap on the ground.
Choke is changed - both Dooku and Anakin. Should be able to choke less for more effect
Cloaking drains force now, stopping the bug of infinite uses
Devestator energy builds slower. a BIT slower :(.
Vos can stab people whilst cloaking with an ability now, and become un-cloaked
Charge not manual aim
Speed Hacking mostly sorted
Aiming of lots of stuff re-jigged.
Force Light reflects the light of the crystal of the saber.
Blind buffed minorly. Sabers still clearly visible in it however.
Sith Storm doesn't slow them as much
Meditate is no longer completely shit, just mostly shit.
Stances have changed a little, mainly to account for Ahsoka being able to single-saber.
Small testing the bug of suddenly being reset to 50 FP being pushed, but only for Council Member, to ensure that it's not been fixed by something else. Active bug bounty of a hilt chance is out for this if you can tell me how it happens, since I can't replicate it at all.
50 different incorrect names fixed
Some force abilities with the same names in the tree weren't properly working. Now they are

Tradeoffs were both fixed massively (due to the previously mentioned name bug) and changed to be more biting - litterally everyone was using them before, but they were designed to be an actual choice instead of a buff. Now, people will be more split.

Force Heal has been changed so that it acts different depending on your input - just using it will heal yourself like it did before, holding walk will heal your target instead of yourself, and holding crouch will (if you have bought the group heal skill) use the Group Heal skill. To enforce everyone to use this and see how it works, Group heal is temporarily taken away. It'll likely get added back as an option, but this could be a nice way to reduce skills on the toolbar, so it's being tested

There are mostly likely some other things - so if you find something that looks like a bug, and walks like a bug, report it to me in game or with a clip of some kind​

WiltOS General Changelog​

These changes are focused on adding some disused stances to everyones kit, fixing bugs and renaming/removing a lot of the bloat from the old WiltOS​

Unlocked 4 new stances from dead code - added to both Jedi and Sith
Fixed Choke Bug related to Buddha'd people
Added suggested hilts + Added to Hilt Chance : Link
Changed Ahsoka's kit, given them a smaller (shoto) saber for their offhand, as a test for spreading throughout Jedi as a new type of saber
Added Quinlan Vos prep kit, previously missing
Fixed Kit Fisto getting two sabers/crystals in his prep kit ( but not before yoinking them myself :) )
Made epiletic-o-vision now much more bearable
Slight changes to some stances - allowed all general stances to be used with both hands, and some aerial attack changes for lil green guy now he can use them.
Some spring cleaning - useless classes gone from backend, useless spawnable sabers gone from frontend.
Force pull/push force cost / how much force you had to have to use it issue fixed.
EMP doesn't burn damage any more
Cloaking takes away less force if you're standing still. Small buff to Quinlans cloaking/stabbing skills
Hopefully the final MFL adjustment
Choke doesn't screw the server if used on a person then used on an npc 🙂 (whoops), now only costs double what it did instead of quadruple
Some minor buffs for Sith - next update will be focused on them, but for now, Grevious can jump for no force cost, but can't link them very well.
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WiltOS General Changelog​

These changes are QoL improvements to Jedi, some global modeling issues fixed, and some Sith buffs.​

Leaps have been merged to one skill that acts differently based on what class/skills you've bought - and is now back on ability number 1.
Yoda (and most other differently sized creatures) now have the correct eyelines, meaning that specifically yodas POV is nearer to the ground. They are also no longer the wrong size for 5 seconds, and anyone set to their model will be correctly sized. This means wookiee's are now their destined BIG selves, Wrecker gets a sense of superiority, and Jawas look up to all.
More useless wiltos cleaning up of weapons that aren't needed. A form has been renamed to fix a bug.
The current hilt chance has been cleaned up, and everything that was on the rare/very rare/epic/legendary drop list but was only common has been made rare/very rare etc. Unique items have been taken out, and those that were in the hilt chance have been added to the generals that use them. A pass has been done over all wiltOS items to ensure rarity is known.
A new hilt chance has been made with new things, such as crystals etc, and will be replacing the old one when it's confirmed to have no problems. Most % chances remain unchanged.
People on the Jedi Tourney job can pick up the hilt chances/xp holocrons they've won.
People REALLY can't speedhack any more with force speeds, and the reseting of force speeds never carry over to you after you died.
Group Heal and the group heal in Force Heal now share the same cooldown, and you are given a choice on how to use it. This also means that using the crouching group heal in Force Heal will no longer put Force Heal on cooldown.

The Big Stuff:
Crystal Changes. Every single person has an "Extremely Rare" crystal that gives 50 fp. This needs to change. Buffs for all current crystals have been reduced to 10/20, and new crystals have been added that add 30/40/50 fp. These are dropped in the new HC. The appearance of these new crystals are subject to change based on the communities preference.
Four Sentinel abilities - Fold Space, EMP, Light and Breach - can now all be used on one skill, the Tech Abilities skill. This works like how force heal works now - if you crouch/sprint/walk/jog, it'll act in different ways. These abilities all share cooldowns with the main abilities, which you can also buy. Guardian will be getting a version of this skill in the next update.
Sith across the board got a little better. They now all have access to as good as/better leaps than Jedi. The event Sith have been given buffs. This isn't the end of buffing Sith, but most future buffs will be side-grades in the form of new powers.
Vizsla - Can shoot flame from his wrist with the saber out. Can't block that.
Ventress - Damaging force pushes, with the ability to cloak and shadow strike.
Grevious - Damage upped to 300, development is in place to give him a limited ability to attack and block at the same time.
Maul - Damage upped to 250, given Rage.
Opress - Damage upped to 300, given Force Choke.

WiltOS General Changelog​

In what is likely the last real change to Jedi (that isnt a nerf 😉), some small QoL changes, merged skills, and moving skills around.​

A new Guardian version of the heal/tech abilities skills has been introduced called Dueling Abilities, which should allow more dynamic use of the guardian abilities.
Push and pull have been merged into an optional skill.
Ground Slam has a new skill in the tree allowing its max range to be decreased, for those that prefer it that way and are having trouble not massacring clones.
Force Buff has been removed due to its somewhat-uselessness as a skill that no-one picked, and has been replaced with Force Protect, the "Ultimate" skill in the tree that ALSO no-one used. Protect has been adjusted so that it's no longer "Ultimate" - for whatever that means.
New Consular Ultimate - Sacrifice. Take damage in place of another for a little white. Hopefully, this one's used.
Missed Saber Classifications so that everyone understands what's what.
The new coloured crystals look correct when dropped.
Forms messed with.
Took Bad EMP away from consulars, gave them Bad Light.
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