What are your Thoughts on MVG Events

in my opinion I have hosted events for a while now started off with the event team back in March of this year, way back then it was easy to maintain the tick rate above 5 on planetary and first event as the months have gone on like everyone says put down 15-20 npcs tick rate tanks and falls to like 3 which does take the enthusiasm out of hosting them two events, last event for some reason can handle a fair amount of npcs as long as they're not bunched up.

I can hear it in people's voices when they say I've gotta host planetary or first event it like they've made the plan then boom tick rate says fuck your plan we will do it my way and put down 6 npcs at a time.
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I do enjoy the events for the most part, although I do miss planetaries where there was something going on around the the whole map allowing for everyone to go their separate ways and complete their own objectives. Of course most of the time it was a couple regiments going for the same objective but it felt more unique and gave fleet a bit more to do when giving orders. Right now it is almost always one big frontline pushing to a rayshield, breaching and pushing to the next about 4 or 5 times.

That being said I do acknowledge that map wide events are not realistic anymore with the current server performance, and that staff have no other choice than to section off the map to save performance. And one of the easiest ways to do this is using those rayshields.
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