Water's Staff Application #4

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Sep 10, 2023
Basic Information
Name: Water
Age (you must be at least 16): 20
Time zone (GMT +/-): GMT
In-Character Name(s): GC Commander Water
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:184745659

About me: Hello! GC Commander Water here! For a very long time I have dedicated most of my time to MVG and don't really have many hobbies outside of it due to having a full time job, I deeply love this community and thank everyone for all the good morning messages I get so thank you and Good Morning!

Why do you want to become a staff member?: I would like to become a staff member to go back to what I was doing when I was advisor a couple weeks ago, hosting events/assisting events, taking staff claims and doing my best to make sure people are having the best time they can. I made a mistake last time and would like to move on from it.

Server Info
Have you received any in-game warnings, kicks, or bans?: No
Do you have a microphone?: No
How active can you be?: I'm usually on the server for about 4-5 hours every day.
Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes
Do you agree to adhere to the staff guidelines?: Yes

Man is crazy active and been doing a great job. Good guy and has experience, would love to see them back in staff.
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he good man and get on well with everyone on sever i thank he be good candidate in my eyes for sever and he get on well with staff team to and he got good leadership skills
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friendly guy let him be advisor for another 2 weeks
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Great person and always open to feedback, really cool guy and shoundnt be underestimated the value he already brings to MVG
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On behalf of the MVG Staff Team, You have been placed On-Hold

During this time, you will be given the rank of Advisor where you will assist the staff team with basic claims, learn about event/staff tools, and be voted on again in 2 weeks.

You'll receive a message to introduce you to Staff when both parties are available.

// Locked and Moved to Accepted​
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