Unnecessary warn


New member
Jul 1, 2024
Your In-Game Name: 501st SSG TM 1924 Kimbo
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:147501036
Which Server: Imperial

Their Name: IC-03-D 2nd LT "Vanu"
Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:176431635

Complaint: Overly harsh warn

Summary: A member of shock ran passed me and smacked me with a stun stick for no reason so i shot him and vanu drags onto the top of the terrain and warns me for RDM. Unnecessary especially considering no other member of staff would have warned for it.
Hi Kimbo,

I'd like to explain why I issued a warning for RDM. You didn't just shoot him, you killed him after he hit you with a stun stick. I reviewed both your logs and Roy's logs, and this wasn't the first time you killed him. Additionally, I was in a voice chat with another staff member who witnessed the incident.

I also want to address that you called me a "tmod power hungry freak". If not those exact words it was very similar. The same staff member who saw you kill Roy also saw you put in staff claims with that wording.

Without evidence, it your word against logs.

While the Shock shouldn't randomly hit you, you also shouldn't retaliate by gunning him down as that's a more severe rule break.

If you have evidence such as a medal clip to back up why you feel the warn is too harsh, I would be happy to review it, however without that, there is not much to act on.