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Sep 9, 2023
Your In-Game Name: RC MCO Dylan
Your Steam ID:

Their Name: HA Turtles
Their Steam ID:

Complaint: Refusing to Follow Event Hosts requests, disrespectful to players and thinks he above everyone!

Summary: where to start, as most people most likely know Turtles in events does what he wants when he wants and refuses to follow any rules or wishes from the event hosts, the dude sits in admin mode sniping people dropping bombs on people and doesnt follow staff made rules, when playing as a EE and hes getting shot he tells people to fuck off breaks the server rules and admin modes away.

i could go on and on for hours with reports about how many reports from staff members and players have been made and nothing has been done about it, he is making a very bad impression of what a HA should be and this report has to be public to get action taken.

Evidence: you have had evidence before and im sure more can be given when needed
When I was playing and having fun with a friend of mine yous know as mexican, we like to sometimes when absolutely nobody is near us kill each other, was a thing between us. Turtles loves the idea of spectating and seeing you do something, then he just tps to you to warn you, 0 explanation, 0 chance to defend yourself or explain anything. Had to speak to the other head admin who thought the warn was bullshit and then had to take it up with mr senior admin who was understanding and agreed and then it got removed.
I don't like turtles and he doesn't like me, all is well there but he just does not care and will show you just how much he doesn't care about treating you like everyone else if he doesn't like you.
Not tryna be a dick or hop on a shitting on someone train which this will probably turn into, but I've not had a single pleasant interaction with him, all I hear about him is people not being happy about anything he does.
About time you look into him???
Senior Staff need to communicate just what kind of actions they take against Staff who abuse their positions beyond dragging them into a discord VC and giving them a verbal slap on the wrist, no matter how many times they abuse their powers. It's pretty clear from my short few times back that Turtles isn't afraid to use his position as a Head Admin to disrupt events, ranging from capping people as admin to disrupting events by handing out OP Weapons before EE's have been selected without communicating to Event Hosts that he plans on doing so, which (guess what?) leads to no one wanting to even go EE.
I can't imagine how brutal it must be to lose out on +1's in your event because a Head Admin decided he wanted to take heads in admin mode.
I've never seen a Head Admin AOS'ed in Character by a General in server debrief for willingly giving a Sith a lift, before I saw Turtles getting in trouble for it.
A high rank in staff was never meant to be a universal "get out of jail free" card, Gens have magna cartas to prevent this from happening but it feels like the only avenue in staff is to hope that someone gets reported publicly enough times that it becomes a problem. It's fairly obvious what would happen to someone misusing their powers IC whether in the Gens Team, CO Team or Navy. How can someone so high up in Staff not know how to follow the server rules that they are expected to enforce?
I remember this one event on Anaxes where they were testing out landmines (this still gives me nightmares) and most of our TXs were holding down MH, lo and behold I see a flashlight above my TX and next thing you know I see something droped above our TX and one shots us, he could have placed it around our tx BUT NO he spawns it directly above us, I know for a fact its turtles cause the second we blew up he starts laughing maniacally and proceeds to do it a lot more during the event, it just ruins the fun for all of 212th and makes us wish we went EE instead
Regarding these claims,
If there is any evidence to help this run smoother please send me a discord message.

Helps me have a greater understanding rather than He Said, She Said.

No clips, screenshots etc makes this 10x harder.
G'day Dylan,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your concern.
Regarding the points brought up on Turtles, I had done some investigating and reached out to other members of management to get their opinion.

For most of your points, Turtles was previously talked to 2 weeks ago and Today, reiterating role and behaviour as Head Admin.
With most points brought up by yourself, they are either old complaints brought up by members or staff or complaints that lack any evidence.

With this said, one of your points were valid (Although the scenario was much different than what you said).
This being that Turtles told someone to "Fuck off" as an Event Enemy.
Obviously this sort of behaviour is uncalled for which has been communicated out to Turtles which has came back saying he meant no harm and only meant it as a joke (Albeit a bad one).

With this said,
If you or any other player has any NEW evidence or reports.
I will deal with it.

Turtles had a stern talking to and aims/already is improving.
He understands what the consequences of failing to improve will entail.

Any other concerns feel free to message me through discord.
// Moved to Closed - Lack of evidence / Brought up old complaints.
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