Titan Rishi Dev Update #2

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Howdy all.
The Rishi map has undergone another series of changes and fixes, and heres a list of all of them for you to enjoy.​

Jedi area has been reworked slightly - we've opened up the pool by giving them a debrief room, and removed some rooms to make up for the additions. Some more decoration have been added around the area, unlit areas lit, and the door has been fixed to simply open on approach.

The acclemators innards have been moved to outside the map. Teleporters now link the inside to the outside, and this has allowed us to keep the acclemator whilst adding more features. In addition, the acclemator has been gutted of a few less-useful rooms, and the doors remade to look extremely similar but function much better.

AUX has been lowered with a different type of exit to the outside. An extra entrance has been added, and the side entrance has been moved to the ajoining hallway, removing the massive staircase. This should make it easier to get to, and not stop a regiment stationed there from lightly roaming.

There is a new console in AIC designed to allow EE's to get into objectives without being blocked by locked doors. It opens and locks doors inbetween these objectives - and whilst it will be more than a console in the future, due to time constaints, it's currently a button. Vents will be blocked off for a small time to test this, so please EE's, do try and make good use of it for the next week.

Theres now a landbridge connecting the two maps, and the train station doesn't connect to Whiskey, but instead just outside of the village. This should allow whiskey to be used in a more dynamic way, and for tanks/other things to pass across. Teleporting between the two maps is also now relative to the area - enter on the left, leave on the left. This should reduce any major clipping-into-people issues.​

Smaller features include:
Medic room now heals at an acceptable rate.
Bit of glass have been made breakable, other bits have been made more breakable than before.
Acclemator functionality for the engine spinning has been restored - lights and other features to come.
Some new structures have been added to the second map - but I'll keep those to be a nice surprise.
And lastly, an uncountable number of misaligned textures, props and brushes have been fixed.​

I hope you enjoy the changes and optimisation done to the map - and at the end of next week, there will be another, most likely final survey for the final update, to get the last pieces of polishing done.​
Not open for further replies.