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Sep 9, 2023
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Your In-Game Name: CG Commander Roger
Suggestion: Remove the Temple Guard job, replace it or remove the cuffs from them
Addons Needed (workshop link): n/a
Reason: Simply put my past experiences with temple guard have been less then stellar, constant incompetence, rule break and misinformation run rampant, below i'll simply list a few reason on why i think this should be the way forward.

1. Subpar Standards: The standards for a police force just aren't there, i've had multiple times where i've been ignored, disrpesected and my LT's have been harassed due to them wanting more permissions, ontop of that they don't even know how to use the cuffs we've granted them.
With the new system generals have put up where jedi have 0 permissions as reg jedi, that also removes their ability to do ANYTHING outside of the temple, making them simply redundant.

2. Player Experience: Relations with jedi have been dreadful, much in part due to the issues i've just noted, commanders talk and are aware of more things then the jedi leadership can comprehend apparently, not only does this ruin jedi for everyone, it makes it borderline impossible to play.
I think removing a large issue like Temple Guard would save their reputation in the long run since it's one less problem for them to deal with.

Ultimately it should not have been me making this suggestion but i am simply done dealing with, removing an issue is better than dealing with it.
If you're worried about losing some money deadshot, no one joins jedi for temple guard specifically so you can keep going on your holidays.

With much gracious love, the greatest CG Commander Roger :)

(I've been adviced by multiple to make this post, so L, i've also informed a jedi general i was doing this!!)
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Having seen a lot of this first hand, I can only agree that a removal is necessary. With new limitations implemented, the need is non existent. There is too much clash with CG and we are more than capable of doing what we do. There is no need for Jedi to attempt to follow suit and even when they have been given the ability in the past they have performed poorly and made us look bad. Until the competency levels are raised, this cannot carry on.
I know I don't play but the Shadow Council still watches

TG is a tiny little power grab for people within Jedi so that they can shout guideline 3 at other Jedi because they're extremely autistic rn.

They use the excuse that it's to catch minges etc that come into the temple which is fair enough but why?? CG have done this for years on end and the problem only arises when TG is introduced back

I don't think the idea of TG is the issue, it's actually quite sound. However, I think it's the people within Jedi which are the issue. Like I said above, Jedi is the most autistic it's been in a while, apart from the Gens. I wanted to try get Gen so I could complete the Trifecta but I physically couldn't stand the others within
I've never really seen a reason for them, just seems like extra steps for everything and unnecessary headaches for CG and Jedi so I agree on this, +support
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The following Suggestion has been Partially-Accepted

The Staff Team feel like it is too drastic to fully remove Temple Guards as we feel like it was an issue with who was within the role.
Though we as a Team, have Accepted to remove the Cuffs from the job.

Expect to see it in game soon.
// Locked and Moved to Accepted.
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