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Sep 12, 2023

Squids 327th Engineering Corps

Need a ship Flown? A bomb defused? or Repair work done? Then that's what the 327th is all about with their tools and equipment native to even the troopers loadout you can be assured that any engineer is mostly capable of handling even the smallest tasks presented before them. Our troops can handle a variety of in battle tasks such as bomb defusal and piloting. With our training focusing mainly on these two aspects our quality of both are increasing all the time. With a grand total of 4 Specializations to our name there's a little bit of everything for trooper to think of.

Current 327th Officers

Commander: Squid

Executive Officer: Bread

Major: Bobius

Captain: Qupon
1st LT: Shac
2nd LT: Tomery
2nd LT: Edwin
2nd LT: Yoelajn

Talon Squadron

For our best of the best pilots this spec gives what they deserve. With a lot more choices of ships and drones to choose from such as bombers, gunships and additional starfighters they also gain better drones than your average trooper too. With trainings focusing solely on flying you can be assured that when they're flying you'll get to where you need to go. Carrying additional drones in their arsenal allows talon members to assist ground forces without a ship, using such drones as an armoured drone and a double minigun drone to provide support where needed.

K Company

On the frontlines is our boys in red. Assisting the frontlines with gaining ground or fortifying a position is K company with their many different tools to ensure area lockdown. Such as the Deployable turret scanning the area in front of it, a bubble shield providing instant cover and an area of reprieve to any in it. As well as being able to build fortifications they can turn a simple open area into a fortified defendable position rather quickly. With priority in bomb defusal if a k company is there that bomb is a good as defused.

Bacta Company

Our medical branch of the regiment engaging in all matters of medical needs will make sure your patched up and back in the fight rather quickly. With their specialization they tend to focus on medical situations instead of Engineering task's mid battle so rest assured if your hurt these guys will sort you out.

Arc Troopers

Only the best of the best deserve the title of arc troopers and thats who gets them in the reg. Sporting the same engineering equipment these guys are also great engineers. Assisting with many of the same repairs and work as regular troops. But with their weapons they prove that you don't want to mess with them

As always if your interested in Joining the Reg make sure to talk with a 2nd LT+!
And with specs make sure to talk to any spec officer+!

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