Snake's PAC3 Application

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Jan 14, 2024
In-Game Name(s): Snake

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85908608

In-game Rank(A minimum rank of 1st LT or Master Specialist is needed): CPT

For what reasons would you use PAC? (A minimum of 100 words): I've got a few reasons, first off I'm MMCO and I like using the Barrage playermodel unfortunately most of his attachments are missing textures so I'm really limited with what I can wear with PAC3 I could just put on the attachments of a different playermodel, the other model I really like is the one with the ghillie suit similarly the attachments on it look bad, not because they're broken but they're white while the rest of it is dark green again with PAC3 I would be able to change their color into something more fitting. Second reason is that as the MMCO I have the lowest job priority for the Marksman job so I often have to use the LT job and it doesn't have the same model options as the MM one and I end up looking as a normal trooper with a kama, with PAC3 I could always use the models I like and stand out as well.

Give us an example of what you would put on your character(s): Mostly either swapping the attachments to working ones or fixing the color of the attachments that don't look good with the model I'd wanna use. Maybe a scarf. Besides that I'd also use the idle animations.

What effect would it have on your RP? (A minimum of 100 words): It would be nice to be able to wear different attachments to stand out more but I think it's more immersive if I always wear the same armor (the barrage player model) even if I'm on a different job. I think it's really strange that I suddenly change my appearance IC when the job gets full. It also sometimes confuses people and they mistake me for someone else since I'm not wearing my normal model. So yes it kinda doesn't make sense for me to suddenly change my IC appearance mid event pretty much out of the blue. And just in general I don't think a clone would change his armor as often as I have to.

How many warnings do you have?: 0

Have you had PAC3 previously?: I had it around 6 or 7 years ago after I applied for it but not recently.

Are you fully aware that if you breach any of the rules your access will be removed?: Yes.

On behalf of the Clone Wars Staff team
The following PAC Application has been Accepted.

Please take note of rules 4,5,8,9I. Make sure your attachments follow the rules.

Contact an Administrator+ in-game. To receive access.
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