Sep 25, 2023
Sup lads,

Old guy here, I was around on CWRP in 2015-2017. Occasionally I check out the forums to see what's going down and to my surprise we're not running on Enjin anymore! How things change.

I scrolled through a bit here and the only names I really recognize anymore are DeadShot and Rush, but I'd be keen to scroll down memory lane. During my time on MVG CWRP I was in the 212th, eventually reached Commander, and BG Trapper promoted me to his ABG, and I eventually took the second BG position next to him. After a while I was accepted as Staff and worked my way to full Mod, a position I held for a few months in what I consider to be a very good period for the server with a lot of fun things happening.

If anyone was around at that time and would like to jog my memory, put some anecdotes below!

(Ex-)General Skarhead
No clue who you are sadly but welcome back! I have been here for a good few years and can say these new forums are great! We've still got the same main discord so you could always have a look there and talk to some people who have been here for as long as you have, I'm sure you'll recognize someone
I scarcely remember your name, but i was a little squeaker back then. Welcome back.
Love you skarhead, you and trapper were the best
Welcome back Sverigevän

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I scarcely remember your name, but i was a little squeaker back then. Welcome back.
Were some good times, good to hear from you
Hello General
Nah fuck sweden
Hello old friend...
Insane to see some of yall are still around 🥲

I gotta jog my memory here, correct me if I'm wrong
Roger you were Fleet in my time I believe?
Rabies I checked your history and I think I remember your older name from like laaaate in my time on the server
Sharp crazy enough I do remember when you were 501st Captain for some reason
CG Commander Cake I couldn't forget
Smooley I remember, you were Jedi for the longest time, it was rad
Appo I couldn't forget, the fucking shitpost wars man that was insane
Swamp as well yoooooooo you were GC no? man stuff is coming back
I remember you from when you were an ABG, back when my name was Zeus. I think I got my first ever promo from you.