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Apr 13, 2024
RP Name: Scott
Discord Name (include #): scotty0283 (Mine is personalised)
Time zone (GMT +/-): GMT+1 (As we are in BST at the moment)
Role(s) applied for: (Ordered in prefrence)
ISB (Agent+)
Naval (LT or LT CMDR)
501st (CO but don't mind where I am needed)

Previous experience:
Ex-Cpt in both 212th and 501st of MVG Imp, I was a well respected officer in the 212th but then decided to transfer to 501st to help rebuild the reg as there was a max of 5 troops. I was able to get a resergence in the 501st (may or may not have convinced people to transfer) but I was able to get it to a the biggest regiment on the server to the point we had a recruitment ban. The reason I left was due to a clash with the General at the time. This same general before the clash also got me into DT which I played for a while when I could

I have had some ISB experiance in a small server but my main experiance for ISB will be my actual job where I am a servering Police officer and will be able to bring my real world experiance to help and make ISB a lot more enjoyable

My Naval and CO experinace comes from my time at Dauntless Gaming (MVGs splinter group) I was asked to run the 501st on that server which I would say I did pretty well as I had a job for everyone in the officer corps who all had their own company or platoons to look after and as a CO I kept close with my troops by asking them their career plans inside the regiment. Sadly the 501st was wittled down bit by bit first losing medics, the the Imperial Commando Class and was left with just heavy units which serverly hit my player count so I decided to leave.

Around a year later I was asked again by Dauntless Gaming to come back to their clone wars server, I tried 501st but was severly bored by the way they played but was given the chance to play in Naval which I really enjoyed, I was told I was good as an OD and people enjoyed my command, I was able to reach the rank of LT but again due to some differences with people inside the role who made playing the game unbearable I decided to leave.

Thats pretty much for my Star Wars RP experiance I do have more from other Gmod servers and there is my real life experiace were I was a full time soldier in the infantry and currently in the Army Reserves and as stated before my Policing experiance which I am still working and developing on

Describe in your eyes, the role of the regiment and position you are applying for: Why do you think you would be a good fit for the role?:


ISB from what I remember in MVG Imp was mainly an investigation unit who would investigate officers of the Regiment and Naval to make sure they are doing their jobs effectivly and with pride. When I played as ISB in a smaller server this was pretty much what I did but also got a chance to some secret roles in events and have that roleplaying aspect. As an Agent (I think I will need to learn more but I am happy to help where needed in ISB) I would mainly focusing on investigating the problematic officers and making sure they all hit the right standard and during missions I would be able to push with the front and if needed be used to secure High Vaule Intel

As I have played Naval more recently it is a Naval Officers role to lead the mission to glory by using proper tactics and using the regminet for the right mission depending on what the situation is at the time, further to this it will be workinf with regiments helping them on their needs and bring any issues they have to the right personel and depending how the server is ran I would be voting on changes to the ship that have be propsed to others. Out of missions I would be making sure all units are completing their daily duties as well as preforming my own such as trainings and inspections

Now DT are our Black Ops units in old MVG Imp I was mainly used for protection which will still be the role for DT who should be guarding the highest ranking ISB making sure they are well defended in missions but they will be used to complete the ISBs missions where they will go behind enemy lines to secure intel or to secure HVTs.

501st Officers
501st is the light infantry of the armed forces, they will be commited in engaments mainly on foot using their tactics to dominate the battle field and using their heavy weapons to supress the enemy. As an officer depending on rank will vary on the role done in the regiemnt, if I am in the high command MJR+ it would be my job to makre sure the officers below me a trained in their leadership skills and making sure they can command their troops as well as focusing on the admin side of the regiment. As a lower officer I would mainly be focused on training NCOs and troopers in how the regmient fights and helping them develop to become the next batch of officers.

How active can you be?:
Fairly active it would mainly depend on what time I am at work but I am able to commit time for the server and when it's the weekend I would be pretty much there for the server at all times
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-=[ Incoming transmission from Naval Command aboard the ISD Chimaera ]=-
-= Credentials: | Name: Mitth'raw'nuruodo AKA Thrawn | Rank: Grand Admiral | Vessel: Chimaera =-

Naval command has reviewed your application and we have decided that you will be ACCEPTED into Naval Command as a Sub-Lieutenant. We expect un-bridled loyalty and dedication to the Empire and look forward to seeing what you can achieve to help us bring peace throughout the galaxy! We will contact you in due time to give you your clearance access. If you have any further enquiries you may contact me directly to discuss anything you want to know.

Long live the Empire!
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