Roys Naval Application

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Jul 8, 2024
In-game Name: Roy

In-game Rank: IE SGT Roy

List your previous ranks: SGT (Before server shutdown ive been Commander down, Was also Director of Engineering for ISB)

State what you think the role of Naval is: The navy is in charge of making sure all regs in events are working together to defeat any hostile forces. Navals role in the ship running is crucial as they have last say, all goes through naval. They communicate with other ships to get us support on missions, They make everything run smoothly from support and logistics.

Why do you wish to join Naval Command: I wish to join naval as i have been playing the server since pre 2020 and always looked up to naval. Its a role ive never took on and would love to give it a try, the server is in a tough place currently and i think as a avid player whos been through the ups and downs of the server i could have some input to naval and help things run smooth. Im a very sociable person and i love talking to people so as a naval officer this will help massively with all regs and communicating with the server. Anyone thats met me in game knows im always up for a chat but can be serious when needed too. Id be very dedicated to this role and think i am the right fit.

What is your character's backstory: Roy come from a family of slaves. He was the strongest and most determined in the family so the imperial army noticed this on a mission to his home planet of Dathomir. He was picked out by naval command and took under their wing, Trained up and enlisted. Ever since he has enjoyed his time in the Imperial army as a Storm Trooper. Since he has climbed the ranks and become a well respected member.

OOC Bit:
Steam ID:Steam ID: 76561198119459490
Do you have a microphone?: Yep
Have you ever received a warning, kick or ban (If yes explain): No

-=[Incoming transmission from Naval Command of the ISD Chimaera]=-

Thank you for submitting an application to join the Imperial Navy, we will review it in the next meeting. If you have any questions about the Imperial Navy, please contact an Naval Command member.

Long live the Empire!

-=[ Incoming transmission from Naval Command aboard the ISD Chimaera ]=-
-= Credentials: | Name: First | Rank: Commodore | Vessel: Chimaera =-

Naval Command has reviewed your application and we have decided that you will be ACCEPTED into Naval Command. We expect un-bridled loyalty and dedication to the Empire and look forward to seeing what you can achieve to help us bring peace throughout the galaxy! Commander Momon will be your mentor please find him in-game to begin your Officer Cadet training.

Long live the Empire!
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