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Sep 9, 2023
Your In-Game Name: GM 2nd LT Herm
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:93867178

Their Name: Keller
Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:6581311

Summary of the incident: Alright, this is going to be multiple, because honestly, I am getting tired of the abuse Keller dishes out to people, but for this post, these are going to be the incidents that have happened towards me personally.

1st Incident. Around the time of August last year, I made some new medals, since I had recently won the Marine Star Medal, which is the Galactic Marine's monthly award to troopers that the regiment thinks have done well that month. After a brief discussion with Dandy on adding it in, I made a suggestion about it, but sadly for me, it got denied. I eventually got a reason from someone in the staff team at the time about why it couldn't be implemented, and I thought that this answer was fair.

But during all of this, Keller decided to write in GM's officer chat on Discord that the "medals where denied for the fact you can't wear medals/ribbons unless they are handed out by Gens/Fleet - You want regimental ribbons."[1] He then afterwards told me to "quit bitching" and to "read the fuckn pac rules".

At that moment, I felt quite irate, since this person I'd never talked to before suddenly came here in public and decided to insult me in front of all my fellow officers in GM, and in my irate position, I replied "You don’t have to insult me. You are a bad example of a general". In hindsight, you shouldn't reply to other people's insults with another insult, but at that moment I didn't care.

I did write after the fact a short message about his behaviour, but by the looks of things, that didn't go anywhere it would seem [3]

2nd Incident. At the end of last year, shortly after my release of the new Galactic Marine models, I got multiple comments from Keller about his dislike of my models[4], but one day, on the 14th of November, Keller came out of the blue while passing me, and threw insults at my work, unprompted.[5] As he was an admin at the time, and the highest-ranking member in the game as well, it is quite serious that such a high-ranking member of this server treats their community members as such.

3rd Incident. At the 22. August, I had joined an event, where Keller was in it too. Suddenly I got asked by some member in the community about the next model drop (I can't remember all the details, it was a bit back, and I don't have all the messages), I replied they would be finished when they got finished. Keller then also dropped into the conversation and made some rude comments about something (yet again, my memories on this is hazy, so take this with a grain of salt), but afterwards, this conversation happened [6][7] (two versions so it's easier to read). Again, I insulted him back, but at that moment I was just so tired of his insults towards me and my work.

4th Incident. Today, 10. September, there was a discussion on the main MVG discord about deleted comments and posts, because of apparent points manipulation on the new forums. Jensen, aka jensenspoon on Discord, asked for evidence of where the rules of this situation were, and Dandy replied with a screenshot of the given rule. Roger, aka michyont on Discord, replied with "Purposely disliking a certain persons post was half the fun of the forums", to which I replied with "Sounds like bullying if you ask me"[9].

A few hours later, JamesB, aka .jamesb on Discord, replied to my comment stating "Aye but you have 0 craic". (I have no idea what "0 craic" is, but that's beside the point) Keller then replied "your 33" and "bullying is a foreign concept it’s character building!"[10], implying that bullying is a good thing that can happen to someone, which is against the server rules, stated in the Magna Carte, and indirectly in the rules, 1.2.

There are also other incidents that have happened to me because of him, but these are the ones I have personally taken the greatest offence to.

All in all, Keller has had a very long history of harassing me, my work, and my character. I feel that since he is a Head Admin, Supreme General (which is in violation of the Magna Carte, but whatever), he should be more well behaved, and be "a role model to the players", as stated in the rules, 8.2. I don't know what kind of punishment or whatever is going to happen, but what I want is there to be a statement of his bad behaviour, and actually punish him for once. His bad behaviour on this server has been going on for far too long, and I feel it's time for someone to actually make a report about it.

Evidence: All of this evidence is numbered in correlation with the "summary of incident" text.

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Herm quiet frankly you're just taking jokes as a personal thing or when he was denying you and you were crying for no reason like you do understand as well that James and Keller just type separately they just happen to agree due to similar upbringing.

Also you included screenshots of people who arent even reported including Valk and Roger also including Jensen because he was in an RC VC crying about his likes sort it out fella
Regarding the last part, they are just to bring context to the incidents. The other people in the posts has nothing to do regarding this post at all, and are purely for context.

And for the first part, different people react differently to what other people say. And in my case, this is my reaction to his behaviour.
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No problem with you Herm, besides your models and how poo poo they look (I'm not the only man who thinks this) - I have told you what I thought they lacked in and what they could do to be better - Don't know why you asked for the input, you couldn't care less.

I will now pick apart the incidents you've listed;

Pac3 Rules - Bitching without solutions, If you complain about something and offer no solution, you are bitching - You had before disregarded pac3 rules, IE ribbons, capes, shoulder capes etc etc - I should've striked you 3 times by now, yet you offer no suggestion for it - I provided you what to do, and told you to stop crying on about it.

Models - They suck, open about that, always have been to things that I don't like about them - I don't like how you just do what you want, and take peoples ideas for your own, then butcher them anyway - I don't like how you talk like your just gonna do what you want, and the regiments can "have a say" on what they want, when it should be they get what they ask for, instead of the scribbles you put on a paste fill model and call quality. No offence. - Said above as you've asked what you could do, but you care less.

Insults (Harassment) - I don't think it's harassment, you just can't handle the smoke - You've always had a dislike towards me, personally I don't care about it at all. - Your models suck IMO, and you insult me back, and talk poorly about me behind closed doors, at least have the balls to beef like proper MVGers, and do it in OOC.

You've always been a complainer, which is why myself and other members of the community find you irritating, you complain and offer no solution, you cry and get upset when people tell you to stop, you go on and on and it's painfully annoying, and it's also the point where people just don't care enough to actually try and offer advice/condolence, as you're set on being a victim, despite you insulting people yourself.

If you thought this was genuinely bullying on GMOD, you'd have instances across the board, instead your pulling screenshots from months ago, I am a changed man! - You also have me blocked, so you choose to look at my messages, and choose to be upset.

My own faults:

Shouldn't of spoke to you in the first place besides what I had to, as well as come across so negative and hostile, however this is me, who I am. I've done my roles well enough, and I actually haven't even spoke to you in weeks, perhaps months.

Let things go. I am.
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So that's it then? You, just talking about me like I am some crybaby, and for what? Pac3 rules? Me just not liking bureaucracy? As you've said with your own words, that it happened "months ago, I am a changed man!"? Like you Keller, I can also change, but compared to you, I actually grow from it, while you stay as someone who continuously insults people you barely know.

People are allowed to dislike my work, trust me, you are not the first, and like all others, I could care less. But when you do it frequently, and there are resources for me to get people like you to stop, I use them.

The only thing I want for this server is for it and its people to be a happy place, where we can just all get together and get along. But when toxicity and insults are the only way to communicate with each other on this server, it just makes me sad.

Honestly, you could delete this post for all I care. You are a head admin, right? You can do anything! Honestly, the only thing I want from you Keller, is to be a nicer person than to what you are now. Hiding behind "this is me, who I am" is just a lazy excuse to be shitty to people.

And genuinely, I actually do really hope you could just be a better person.

I hope you learn something from this Keller. You may be the head admin, supreme general, and probably the most well-known member in the community, but you are not free from consequence.

And to all the other people who have read through this thread, I know you don't like me, and trust me, I don't like you either. I only like people where we can actually appreciate the other's values. That's why I love the Galactic Marines so much, since I like them, they like me, and we like each other. We are not above or below each other. We are all equal to each other. But from the looks of things, some people just like to push people down and like for them to stay there.

And to the people who are "above" Keller, actually talk about this, and don't pull this under the rug. If someone in your community has genuine problems with someone, then it isn't the person whom the issue is about I wish to be the one who responds to their own complaint and just proves my point. Actually address this. Take things seriously.

It's late now, and I hope I proved my point to at least some people. If not, well, have a wonderful night anyway, and remember to be nice to people :)
Hello Herm,

We (senior team) read this then forgot it was here, sorry!
We could break down each situation but what's done is done, ultimately what matters is that Herm you don't feel as though you're being targeted, and that Keller you express opinions in a way that people don't take offense.

Some of these situations are petty from both sides. The most mature solution is you two simply don't talk to each other nor publicly discuss each other nor each others work. I offer solutions for the future for you both:

Keller, to avoid your comments being taken the wrong way you could construct your arguments as:
'Dearest Herm, art thou planning to incorporate these features, which I and my companions desire?'.

Herm, to avoid taking anything too to heart:
I suggest a visit to any fine establishment within the area of byker, where you can engage in banter with the locals (attend armed). There are plenty of people who do appreciate your models, so decide which comments to take onboard and which with a pinch of salt.

Ultimately what's to remember - its only banter if the other side is involved. If they aren't, keep your comments to your mates who you know can take it or give it. We don't want people feeling the need to report each other.

In future - Keller will direct criticisms of your models to the senior team and when mean thoughts enter his head will imagine a fluffy little bunny rabbit.

If you wish to talk about anything else the senior team is always contactable via Discord. I am confident however this is the last we'll hear of issues between the two of you given you wont be engaging with each other.

('0 Craic' means you have a lack of banter) (I put Keller as SG so the gens team didnt capitulate, it's temporary)

Many Tanks Thanks
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