Padawan Apollyon's Bastered Audio Output (Because it's a Turkey)

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Feb 19, 2024
In-Game Name: Padawan Apollyon

Character Name: Apollyon

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95558089

Character Sex: Femoid

Character Age: 22

Character Story: As a Child, Apollyon was found working as a Blacksmith's assistant on a world not her home. Providing a service to a war effort that was not apart of her cause. Having been saved by the Jedi Order after they had been called to stop this war between two factions that were, in all respects, completely tribal if not for their ability to use other race's technological advancements to their own personal benefit, she values the Order above all else and will never cease being thankful for their aid, even if she sometimes holds resentment against them for certain decisions that are out of her control.

Given that she was manning the various forges, pits and metalworks that fueled the previously aforementioned war effort, a great deal of smoke, tar, and other random shit managed to find its way into her breathing apparatus, which while repairable by a modestly skilled journeyman, brings her some resemblence of self-reassurement that she is on the right path, as remembering what fucked it up in the first place would be the alternative, but across the galaxy, thus enstilling the notion upon herself that the cause she is fighting for remains true to her heart. The Order has allowed this as it shows no sentimental value to her, so it does not jeapardise her in any way, however she has stated on numerous occasions that she wouldn't be bothered if she had to replace it, however she sees no need in doing so as it still works fine, if not coming off as a little more gravelly.

Having excelled at the youngling part of her life, She remains (admittedely old, however not out of line when it comes to Force-Sensitive Kel Dor's,) somewhat old in terms of your average Padawan, however she is on the later side of that career path, having been there for quite some time after only recently returning from suffering from a severe case of carpal tunnel after a door got slammed upon her wrist at the beginning of a Debrief.

PAC3 Request: This is mostly for the altered voice because, Kel Dor's have fucked voiceboxes.

(Also Totally Legit Face Ref Below):


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Voice changer sounds good for a Kel Dor (Plo Koon's species)


On Behalf of the Clone Wars Staff Team
The following Character Application has been Partially Accepted.

The use of the voice mod has been Denied. Reason for that being is that you are no longer active, and even then would you would need to at least reach the rank of Knight in-order to apply for the voice mod. If you do come back, with this accepted by Jedi Command the voice mod will be looked into being given to you once you reach Knight and heard by Adminstrator+ and Granted by them.

Wait for a response from Jedi Command as they will be giving a response themselves.​
-= On behalf of the Jedi High Council =-

The Following Character application has been

This is due to the reason that you are no longer an active Jedi and no longer need this application.
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