PAC3 Application - Ezzie

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Sep 11, 2023
In-Game Name(s): Ezzie

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:214572752

In-game Rank(A minimum rank of 1st LT or Master Specialist is needed): 1st LT

For what reasons would you use PAC? (A minimum of 100 words): The main reason of my use of pac3 would be to breathe some life into my character. Without pac3, all i have available is the body groups that are available for everyone at my rank, meaning without pac3, i could look the same as everyone else(in my reg) when i can look unique and someone that is easily recognisable. Furthermore, pac3 allows me to create a more immersive and diverse role playing environment, also, being able to create a unique character contributes to making the server a more dynamic and richer environment to play on. Thank you for considering my application.

Give us an example of what you would put on your character(s): Firstly, i would add a standing animation so i stand a certain way when i stop moving. Secondly, i would add the MTGF(Mark of The Golden Flamer) Ribbon to my character.

What effect would it have on your RP? (A minimum of 100 words): I think this would affect my role playing experience very positively. Not only would it create a more immersive experience for me, but for other people as well making my RP more immersive for other people as well as myself. Furthermore, when i'm awarded medals and / or ribbons, such as the MTGF ribbon (Ex)Supreme General Keller awarded to me, i can add it to my character so it isn't just letters in my name but a physical object that gets added to my character which just creates a richer and more dynamic environment for everyone. Thank you again for considering my application.

How many warnings do you have?: 0

Have you had PAC3 previously?: No

Are you fully aware that if you breach any of the rules your access will be removed?: Yes

On Behalf of the Clone Wars Staff team
The following PAC Application has been Accepted

You should now be able to access PAC, if not, contact Administrator+ in-game. Make sure to read the Pac-3 Rules a second time as well.
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