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IC Section====================================================================================================

Name: Owen

In game Rank(Must be SSG+ or Ex Officer in past 6 month): GC 1st LT Solidsnake

Previous ranks upon the Venator Titan: 104th MJR, 38th LT, 327th CPT, 104th CPT x2

Backstory: Solid snake was born on Kamino and was a part of the 41st company before being tasked to the Green Company. Within the Green company Solidsnake stood out from the other clones and showed great strategical mind and was put into the ARC program, during his time in the ARC program he was tested and showed his worthiness of being an ARC trooper for Green Company.

OOC Section====================================================================================================
Age: 16

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:513927720

Do you have a microphone?:

What is the role of fleet: To lead the republic's army into battle from the command area and bring the end of the CIS | Whilst on base ensure that the army whilst defending the base/ship making sure orders are given to troops with the use of OD whilst being able to Allow or deny the usage of areas for regiments during a Defcon 5 case.

Why Do you wish to be fleet: to be apart of something I've never been whilst its now in a state which needs more presence

Game Time: Your total time is 4mo 1w 8h 1m.
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-= Credentials: | Codename: Toe | ID: 1767 | Rank: Lieutenant | Vessel: Titan =-

Congratulations your fleet application has been Accepted!
I will be your mentor, see me in-game for your introduction.

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