Management Promotions 28/06/2024

Management Promotions:

Good evening everyone.
So firstly I'd like to pay tribute and a job well done to the Management team overall who's brought so much success into the Community in recent time. What helps this community function properly is establishing a well coordinated and efficient management team to work with you on making MVG great and continuing that trait. Recently with the huge success of Imperial and welcoming the Imperial family back into the play, we are more determined than ever to carry on investing, promoting, and expanding MVG still onto other games and beyond.

After careful consideration. The team which consists of Myself,Rush,Painite,Dandy have been working cohesively together now for quite sometime, and as such it is time to reward these people with the greatest of responsibilities of ensuring MVG's bright future still exists a long by my side.

Congratulations to Rush on achieving the rank of my official Co-Owner ( The right-hand man to the Owner )

Congratulations to Painite on achieving the rank of Community Manager ( Overseer of the Community )

Congratulations to Dandy on achieving the role of Management ( On an external basis only )

Congratulations to Jack on achieving the rank of Senior Admin ( Management of the Clonewars server )

I'd like to warmly welcome these fine people into their new roles and share a deep passion on keeping MVG at it's peak. We look forward in conducting new projects in the future under my direction, as well as keeping a strong presence on our existing servers.

Congratulations to you all,

Owner D.S

Where were you when I was just an admin?
Can you make it so I can dumb the post please thanks.