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Sep 9, 2023
Somewhere in the Jedi Temple
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Suggestion: Add a 2-second stun when parried
Addons Needed (workshop link): None
Reason: We believe this will improve dueling within Jedi

Suggestion: Add a cooldown of 30 seconds to the ground slam ability
Addons Needed (workshop link): None
Reason: This is a rule within Jedi however there is no actual cooldown on the ability meaning ground slam can still be heavily abused.

Suggestion: Add this saber "models/swtor/arsenic/lightsabers/ardentdefender'sdualsaber.mdl" (should be made into a common if it isn't already) into the Knight blueprint prep kit and change the name of the prep kit to Knight Prep
Addons Needed (workshop link): None
Reason: The saber is a twin, and it will be used as an alternative to the standard saber which is a single, this is a request from Jedi in order to be able to duel each other with twins and singles without the rarity difference. Most people will get a rare twin etc., and so someone will end up doing more damage in the duel.
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On Behalf of the MVG Staff Team.
The suggestion has been looked at by the Admin+ Team and has been Partially Accepted.

Adding a 2nd Stun when being parried has been Accepted.

Adding a 30 Second Cooldown to Groundslam has been put On-Hold to see if the bug can be fixed.
If not then it can be Accepted.

Regarding the last suggesiton of adding a Double Saber to the prep kit. This has been Denied, though we will do the following:
The Jedi Tournament Job will be fixed and to have all accessible forms.
This will include all 3 Hilt Types that will do 200 Damage each as the Job has 1000 HP.
Would mean you will have to be set to the Tournament Job if you wish to duel with the same lightsabers.

In addition to this, it would also mean Tournaments will be easier to setup as you only need to set job and not make everyone switch lightsabers.

Expect to see it in game soon
// Moved to Accepted​
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