Izza's fleet app

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Sep 10, 2023
IC Section

Name: Azzi

In game Rank (Must be SSG+ or Ex Officer in past 6 month): Major

Previous ranks upon the Venator Titan: N/A

Backstory: Azzi is a clone from kamino that was in the first battle of genesis and after experiencing the war he was assigned to the 41st battalion and made his way up and join Green company and became the MMCO due to his leaderships skills and accuracy with a sniper

OOC Section

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:461695586

Do you have a microphone?:

What is the role of fleet: To lead all units into battle and provide orders for each regiment and making sure the base is in working condition

Why Do you wish to be fleet: I feel as if my leaderships skill would be great in fleet

Game Time: 2mo 1w 5d 13h 2m.


-= Credentials: | Codename: Toe | ID: 1767 | Rank: Captain | Vessel: Titan =-
Congratulations your fleet application has been Accepted!
I will be your mentor, find me in-game for your introduction.​
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