ive been shafted


New member
Feb 26, 2024
In-game Username: jamie

Steam ID:

Ban Reason:
(Give relevant information towards your ban) launching someone out the airlock

Who Banned You: a shadowtrooper

Which Server/Platform: multivers gaimg

Date of ban: todaty

Length of ban: 1 day

Why do you think you should be unbanned: beacause irt said onyl a warning for killing in the airlock but i got a ban so i feel like ive been lied to so i should be unbannnned -thanks
I had banned you because launching another player out of the airlock is a 24 hour ban the text had not been updated
on top of this you already had 10+ bans multiple of which were from today

along with the 8 people who'm watched you launch a 501st out of the airlock the server owner also watched me ban you.