Goodbye and Sorry


Mar 15, 2024
Hey, all,

I'll be fully resigning and leaving the server.

I'm sorry to all the people I've weirded out or incidcentally annoyed during my time here with my cringy/weird jokes and comments. Since I first joined I never meant to make anyone feeel uncomfortable and I realise I have crossed the line a few two many times now and feel it best for me to head out, I haven't got the serious mindset for RPing anymore. There have been numerous occasions where people have told me to cool it down a little and I do try but things slip through and there will be those around who it's not so appropriate to say such things around and again that's my bad.

I just wanna say that this is NOONE's fault, this was not something I was told to do or pressured into, this is just a choice by me that I know I needed to make. I work in an evironment where for 8 hours a day I have to completely censor myself. No swear words, no inappropriate jokes or inneuendos, nothing. And I have to constantly change and adapt my personality and deal with so much noise. So when I get home everything kinda floods out and I just want to chill. This is no excuse for the way I've been, I just wanted to give some clarification for why I'm so expressive, and I'm sorry.

Bar the above, I'm getting into that state where getting on just feels like too much effort sometimes and do I really wanna get home from work and sit on a server for like 5-6 hours, not really anymore. The old me realised this a long time ago and when I joined I promised myself that if I ever began to feel even a little slog I would take the first step and quit while I'm ahead.

Once again, this is MY CHOICE to go and just do my own thing again. Thank you for the fun I've been given on the server during my time here and I wish this whole community the best.

You're all awesome!

Never really spoke with you but saw you about. Sounds like a difficult time tbf and speaking from experience, the server feeling like a slog is the first sign you're gonna stop enjoying it so probably best that you realised that before you started hating it even more. But good luck with whatever you do next man, big love
Another GM that lasted what can i say didnt know you much but if Clancy pick you as MO you were probably great so bye bye!