Flairs Perhaps?

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Squid House

Sep 12, 2023
Your In-Game Name: CC Squid
Suggestion: Add LVS Flares to LVS Ships.
Addons Needed (workshop link): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=3102181736
Reason: With event hosts starting to utilise AA turrets in events more we see it fit to incorporate the Flare system onto our ships. Especially for transports as they have no weapons and are constantly hit over and over with AA rockets. With Flares They can at least alleviate the constant rocket hits for moments at a time to avoid a laat full of troops blowing up and slowing the pace of the event or training.

On behalf of the MVG Staff Team

The following Suggestion has been Denied
The suggestion has been denied as the addon is not combatable with the current SAM turrets on the server.
Thus not giving what is requested by 327th in the suggestion to fight against AA turrets.

// Locked and Moved to Denied​
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