EpicK's Fleet Application

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Sep 9, 2023

In Character Section:​

In-game Name: CG 2nd LT XSO 5075 EpicK

In-game Rank: 2nd LT

List your previous ranks: CG 2nd LT (2023)

Have you ever received a strike or demotion (If yes explain): No.

What is, in your opinion, the role of Fleet: They are the ones taking on the responsibility of the On-Duty officer having priority in doing so over anyone else. As the OD, they guide and supervise regiments, making sure that everyone knows their place as well as their duties whenever on board the ship or base. During combat, they hand over strategic information and orders to their army elements, ensuring that the outcome of the fight is in the Republic's favor. Fleet is also responsible for keeping their troopers in shape by creating trainings or scenarios for them to keep track of their performance, and with it, they get the possibility to join different naval branches, which allows them to connect with the regiments even more. While operating from a Republic vessel, they take on the responsibility of controlling the ship's equipment, which includes turbolasers, hyperdrives, and shields.

Why do you wish to join Fleet: I'd like to try a different style of gameplay as well as get a better understanding of the fleet role in general.

What is your character's backstory: CT-5075, like any other clone, started off in Kamino. After their basic training was completed, they were assigned to the Titan Crew in order to reinforce them with plenty of new troopers. As the time passed, 5075 managed to prove himself worthy enough to join the ranks of the Coruscant Guard. There, he proved his skills to his officers, who deemed him worthy of becoming 2nd LT. However, duty called this clone trooper elsewhere, not too long after he was transferred back to Coruscant to aid in the efforts to eliminate the underworld threats. As the time passed on his coruscant duties, CT-5075 started getting a better understanding of his role as a CG officer. With it, his fascination with the Republic Navy also grew, as he often had a chance to witness the departures of Republic vessels from the capital.

Out of Character Section:​

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:182825100

Age: 21

Do you have a microphone: Yes.

Have you ever received a warn, kick or ban (If yes explain): No.

Game Time: 1m 5h 42min

-= Credentials: | Codename: Ryan | ID: 1904 | Rank: Admiral | Vessel: Titan =-
Congratulations your fleet application has been Accepted!
Chaos will be your Mentor, find him in-game for your introduction.​
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