Discord harassment and forum stalking?

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Sep 25, 2023
Your In-Game Name: CG SGT TM 8956 Makarov
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48881738

Their Name: Revan (i wish i had his full in-game name but oh well)
Their Steam ID:

Summary of the incident: It all started back on the 23rd. I was still preparing everything i need to get back onto MVG. I went to the 327th discord so i could grab the content pack as i knew it was there. And while i was there i thought about messing with squid a little as a kind of friendly hello. 10 minutes later, revan shows up, telling me to, and i quote, "Should've stayed gone". I thought nothing of it at first and went about getting onto the server to sort out everything there to begin playing again on the regular.

Then came the moment when i discovered the story apps. Since i had plans to join CG and had a story for my character in mind, i decided to post it. And sure enough, Revan popped in, giving the "dumb" reaction (you know the one). Again, thought of it as just him accidentally stumbling upon it. And sometime later down the road, i made 2 more posts. One was the addendum to my character story, the other was the weapons shipment "story", which ive been instructed to make by admin+. In fact, on the addendum he "Dumb-marked" both the main post, and my reply to it that i had to add due to a forums file limitation.

Evidence: Screenshots provided in attached files.


File limitation strikes again. Throwing in the rest.

I would also like to add that i tried to resolve this privately with revan before making this report. But instead, he claimed that my "posts were retarded" and that he "just looks on the forums".

Then why does he keep reacting to every post i make in particular if he thinks they are bad? I understand that he has a right to have an opinion but this is borderline notorious harassment.

And for context: What i was refering to in my DMs with revan was the latest post regarding that "weapons shipment" thing.


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Hello Doom,

This will all be looked into further by the Admin+ team and we will get back to you with a reply in the upcoming days. For now I would suggest you ignore any type of provocation from the people involved, I would also suggest you for the time being stay away from the people involved as it can lead to further issues.

With this I would also like to mention to the people thinking about replying. Keep it related to this post and if you think it’s not needed don’t say it. Any unrelated replies or further harassment will be removed and dealt with separately.
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Hi @Doom (Ex-Event Host) Regarding any private DMs we can not much regulate what someone says to you in your DMs, best advice is just blocking them.
Regarding him saying "Should've stayed gone" don't see anything too harmful here, while as said before you can still block the user and nothing much was said after said message. At the end of the day block them if you don't want to talk or hear from them, if issues come up ingame bring it up with HA+ to sort out.

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Any issues DM myself​
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