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Sep 10, 2023
Wolfpack Battalion

The Wolfpack Battalion are a reconnaissance and aerial combat regiment inside of the GAR. Wolfpack Troopers are equipped with the J-12 Jetpack which allow the troopers to be extremely agile and fast moving. Wolfpack Troopers are trained in Aerial Combat, General Jetpack Training and Hostage Rescue training as soon as they join the regiment, this allows them to be extremely effective with their equipment. Wolfpack Troopers weaponry is suited towards mid-long range combat, with low recoil scoped rifles that allow them to pick off targets at decent distances. Wolfpack is the fastest ground troopers due to their Jet packs, allowing them to travel to dangerous situations in a small amount of time.

Wolfpack Loadout
The CR-2 is the main weapon which every Wolfpack member is equipped with. It has 45 rounds per mag and does 30 damage per shot. It is fast firing which gives a large damage output, but the spread and accuracy makes it hard to aim in the air as the jetpacks sensitivity mean aim can be uneasy. It has a range of scope options to cover longer-ranges compared to the built-in iron sights.​

The DC-17 Sidearm is the sidearm given to all troopers but rarely used due to the all round use of the other weapons. All Wolfpack troopers are equipped with a singular DC-17 sidearm which deals 30 damage. Major+ are given a dual set of DC-17 Sidearms which displays rank.​

The CR-2C is only given to SGT+. It is a Carbine Rifle which does 35 damage a shot and, with a reduced accuracy due to the more powerful shots. It shares the same mag capacity of 45 rounds, and fires at a slower 450RPM fire rate. It has a range of scope options to cover longer-ranges compared to the built-in iron sights.​

Pathfinder's main weapon is the Valken-38x, firing 8 rounds dealing 150 damage each at 120rpm, it is excellent at chipping away elite hostiles at medium to long range. The weapon has a high amount of recoil, but also has high knockback to compensate. Only Pathfinder Company and MJR+ may have access to this.​

Wolfpack Equipment
The J-12 Jetpack is specifically for the Wolfpack regiment which provide our agility and maneuverability in the air. These allow us to flank and get into the high grounds as well as confusing the enemies when we are constantly flying and shooting around them.​

The Pathfinder role is for elite members of Wolfpack, run by the HPF, who have chosen to take the tryout to become a Pathfinder Trooper. The try out can be taken at SGT. This tryout challenge even the best trooper to ensure that the trooper has what it takes to become a PF. The purpose of the PF is to act as an elite trooper in the regiment, being capable of dealing with hostiles at almost any range and location, while also carrying out advanced tasks such as negotiations, flanking and eliminating targets at medium to long range, further than the CR-2 and CR-2C would normally allow for. The loadout of a PF is both the CR-2 and DC-17 but also are equipped with the CR-2C and the Valken-38x, these are perfect for a PFs role as it makes PF versatile at all ranges.​

Wolfpack Senior Officers
Marshal Commander: Chihiro
Executive Officer: LoCho
Major: Keth
Jedi General Plo Koon: Jota
Wolfpack Specialisation Leaders
Alpha ARC: N/A
Pathfinder Leader: Keth
Medical Officer: Shadow

Basic Rules
  1. Never use equipment outside of events or trainings unless permission from Navy or LT+
  2. If arrested multiple times (3) or for a serious offence, will be a demotion in the regiment.
  3. If inactive for 5+ days without notice will result in removal from the regiment.
  4. Have common sense when it comes to server rules, respect and discipline.

If you have any questions, or feel the need to get in contact with MCO Chihiro or anyone else, please DM Chi on Discord or ask any LT+ In Game.
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Regimental Notices (18/09/2023)
  • Congratulations to Willow on her promotion to 104th Major for her excellent work in the 104th Battalion.
  • We have said goodbye to WP Captain Zolair as he has decided to step down from his position.
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Regimental Notices (24/09/2023)
  • The 104th Battalion has been renamed to the Wolfpack Battalion!