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Sep 12, 2023
Your In-Game Name: Supreme General Keller
Suggestion: Gear shuffle of the CD specs

Cuy'Val Dar Changes:
- Remove Relby from Senior Officer Jobs
- Remove the shitty cloak from all jobs that have it "electroplating cloak"
- Remove CPT Job, Remove SGT Job
- Buff the "Member Job" HP by 25

Reason: ^
Senior's don't want the Relby anymore, Westar is basically same gun, just lower RPM.
The "shitty cloak" is just shit, and is never used.
CPT/SGT Job's are pointless, the CPT Job is a copy paste of the LT Job, and the SGT Job makes no sense, as CD pushes people into specs anyway.
Buffing the HP of the member job, by 25, which is 50 less than the old SGT Job

MDR Changes:
Remove Relby, Replace with Westar 11
Give MDR Jobs the ability to hand out 100 armour packs
Give MDR the Vanguard Shotgun (rw_sw_huntershotgun)
Remove the Republic Shield

Reason: ^
Relby is a buff, so in order to get everything else we have to remove it, which is fair.
Armour packs, only CG/GM have the ability too, and they never really do, so we'd rather allow MDRs to give it out to eachother, it's only a fixed armour, no added HP.
Shotgun allows for more area of combat, we want MDR to fight anywhere, everywhere, so allowing them to have that option makes them more viable in breaches for example, so they can be used.
Removing the shield, the shield being removed will make MDR more aggressive, and it's regarded as useless.

SDW Changes:
Replace DMR with Amphan Sniper, 1 shot, 399 damage, disintegration rifle.
Add dual Westar-35's to their loadout, removing DMR removes any change of short range, so this allows them to stand a chance closeup, in-case.
Remove footsteps, and fall damage.

Reasons: ^

DMR Sucks, and the new Amphan will do less DPM/DPS then the DMR, it's a unique Mando rifle and it's a cool gun, we'd rather a more satisfying weapon.
Dual pistols are more fun and are cooler, wont do much damage anyway, but will be a bit, we'd rather a CQC option for all SDW.
Remove Footsteps/Fall damage, it's literally impossible to do what SDW do if they make noise and can't fall down a little hill without fault of death. It's not fair.

Addons Needed (workshop link): N/A

We believe these changes will help the CD specs out in the long run.

Fall Damage/Footsteps - Are bug reports, but have been asked to "suggest them"
-1 Support

The vanguard is quite literally the spec gun of CG, i've not been asked for permission or anything.

On Behalf of the MVG Staff Team.

This post has been partially accepted, with everything being accepted, with due changes.

Amphan - 300 DMG, 8s Shotcooldown
Vanguard swapped for Scatter V1, ask Painite for SC.
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