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Jan 8, 2024

Advanced Recon Commandos​


Origin of ARC Troopers​

Advanced Recon Commandos, also known as ARC Troopers, were an elite variant of clone troopers within the Grand Army of the Republic. The Original 12 Null ARCs, of which only 6 survived incubation, were the first clones created by the Kaminoan cloners, and prototypes for the GAR. They were deemed failures for there independence and lack of respect for hierarchy, and were slated for termination. Kal Skirata, a known Human Male Mandalorian, saved them, and trained them up to black ops commandos, teaching them Mandalorian heritage. They received special training for the essentials of warfare, and performed to the highest degree as the perfect weapons. From the development of these Nulls came 100 Alpha-class ARCs, who were trained personally by Fett. These second batch of ARCs were more obedient and reliable as they were instructed to follow the Jedi's Orders. The original ARC troopers led many successful missions at the beginning of the war, most notably, The Muunilinst 10, which were a elite group of Alpha-class ARCs and clone troopers, led by ARC Captain Alpha-77 Fordo.

Though only 100 Alpha-class ARCs were produced, they were able to pass on the ARC tradition to new officers after the death of Jango Fett. The Alpha training program was designed to equip clone trooper commanders with similar training to that of the Alpha-class. They were trained to think more creatively, and to bring out their independence and tactical decisiveness. With ARC numbers dwindling, the GAR was forced to look for clone troopers to fit their role. Clone troopers that demonstrated exceptional ability and combat prowess were promoted to ARC Troopers, even though they were not genetically engineered, and lacked ARC training. Two key members of 501st, Fives and Echo, were awarded this status for there efforts to defend Kamino during the CIS invasion of Kaminos Capital, Tipoca City.

Training and Abilities​

ARC Troopers undergo rigorous training to maximize their skills in Close Quarters Combat (CQC), marksmanship, mobility, reconnaissance, and the unwavering ability to execute orders without failure. Candidates must show creativity, and tactical decisiveness to overcome any challenge in battle, and a great combat potential and willingness to succeed. Individuals aspiring to join the elite ranks of ARC Troopers must undergo a 31-day training regimen led by an experienced Alpha-class ARC. Following this intensive training, candidates face a comprehensive evaluation that assesses their proficiency in all categories. This meticulous selection process ensures that only the most skilled and adaptable individuals become part of the distinguished ARC Trooper ranks.


ARC Troopers are equipped with specialized weaponry tailored to excel in various combat scenarios:
  1. Dual-DC17s (Close Quarters Combat): The Dual-DC17s serve as the primary weapons for close-quarters combat (CQC). Renowned for their high rate of fire and devastating damage per second, these dual blaster pistols are formidable tools in the hands of ARC Troopers. With precise handling and rapid-fire capabilities, they are ideal for engaging enemies in tight spaces and swift, close-range encounters.​
  2. Westar M5 (Long-Range Combat): The Westar M5 is the go-to weapon for long-range engagements. While not designed to compete with dedicated sniper rifles, the Westar M5 boasts exceptional accuracy and damage output, making it a formidable choice for marksmanship at extended distances. Its versatility allows ARC Troopers to maintain lethal effectiveness across various combat ranges, ensuring they dominate the battlefield with unmatched precision and firepower.​
  3. Grappling Hook (Mobility): The ARC Troopers' arsenal includes an advanced grappling hook system designed to augment their mobility on the battlefield. Integrated seamlessly into their gear, the grappling hook allows for rapid ascension or descent, swift navigation through complex terrain, and strategic repositioning during engagements. This tool not only enhances the Troopers' agility but also provides a tactical advantage by enabling them to access elevated vantage points or evade enemy pursuit efficiently. The grappling hook becomes a crucial asset in the Troopers' toolkit, allowing them to seamlessly transition between different combat scenarios and gain the upper hand with unparalleled adaptability on the field.​

How to join?​

Joining the ranks of the Advanced Recon Commandos involves a meticulous Nominee process. To embark on this journey, express your interest in becoming an ARC Trooper by reaching out to your designated regimental Alpha Class ARC Trooper or contacting your Senior Officers for inclusion in the Nominee list. Fear not if you feel your skills are not at the desired level presently; the Nominee process is designed as an opportunity for improvement. Consider this experience as a transformative journey, allowing you to hone your abilities and eventually attain the proficiency required to stand shoulder to shoulder with the elite ARC Troopers. Embrace the challenge, as it is not merely a selection process but a path towards personal growth and the attainment of the esteemed ARC Trooper status.

Current members of Advanced Recon Commandos​

ARC Directors​

Director: Alpha-60 Brutal​

Assistant Director: N/A​

Regimental ARC

Alpha ARC
ARC Troopers
Alpha-62 Eli​
Firecracker & Skurper​
Alpha-61 Chip​

Hall Of Fame​

Yeldog, Cody, Maxshread, Purt, Monki, Honks, Kest, Leshy, Magma, FerDeLance, Lad, Boomer and Tom

Additional Information​

Public ARC Roster: This one

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Congratulations to Eli for being promoted to an Alpha-class ARC, and receiving the designation of Alpha-62 in GM!
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Today we say goodbye to Alpha-58, who served for almost a year in ARC. He has served under multiple Alphas, and has helped the Spec in many ways.

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