Bring the GM Aussiwozzi Models Back!

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Mar 18, 2024
Your In-Game Name: Pit
Suggestion: Replace the Current Herm Models with the GM AussiWozzi Models
Addons Needed (workshop link):
Reason: At the moment, The herm model pack simply makes each GM trooper look too different from eachother, in terms of models, GM is not a uniform regiment, we all simply look too different. Replacing the herm model pack with the aussiwozzi model pack would make us all look much more similar, increasing regiment cohesion and recognisibility, additionally the aussiwozzi models look much cleaner, and in tune with the MVG style as a whole. The model pack is much more lore accurate with the proper Galactic Marine models, and not the 21st ones. Along those lines, the AW model pack includes the GM models as seen in the movies. The AW model pack also has an unique medal officer model, and an unique major model (thats what it was used for before). Overall these models are cleaner + We all look more similar + proper GM models
MCO - Bacara, MCO models
CO - Bacara, Elite, Officer, Trooper, KU
XO - Keller, Elite, Officer, Trooper, KU
MJR - Raffle, Elite, Officer, Trooper, KU
MO - Medic, Tre
MT - Medic
FT - Jet
LT - Elite, Officer, Trooper, KU
SGT - Officer, Trooper, KU
PVT - Trooper, KU
(Tre and Raffle are from aussiwozzi custom clones, already on the server)


We need these skins back for GM it will help us defining the Regiment from others, it will also bring back an idea of the lore side for GM and not have GM having troopers on with 5 different skins within the Regiment. Plus they of a higher quality compared to our current models.
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On behalf of the MVG Staff Team

The following Suggestion has been Accepted

Expect to see the changes made in-game soon.

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