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  1. Zero

    Rename 104th to Wolfpack

    Wolfpack did always sound better than a Number
  2. Zero

    Server Picture Dump [2015-2022 Thread]

    Ey Squid, good to see ya back man! :giggle:
  3. Zero

    Sackers' Staff App

    +Support indeed, very helpful this guy is, cannot miss out on him.
  4. Zero

    Chapter 2

    I had to deal with you all throughout my GM months and i can give you factual evidence this never happend, ever.
  5. Zero

    New cuff system

    This is a nice addon, those old cuffs are really broken and could use a fresh update
  6. Zero

    CD Pac Rules

    I could see that being alright as long as its not going to be abused
  7. Zero

    Ferry Staff Application

    +Support, Ferry is funny and chill to talk to when i see him, he would make a good addition to the staff team i would say. :cool:
  8. Zero

    New Star Wars Music

    I really likes these, they would make a fine edition to the music packs.
  9. Zero

    Hello Hello

    Interesting, Interesting
  10. Zero

    Gotta keep trying

    Basic Information Name: Age (you must be at least 16): 16 Time zone (GMT +/-): GMT+1 In-Character Name(s): Zero Steam ID: About me: I am Young Adolesence with a very hyperactive personality who loves to constantly talk about the most random things as i love discussing, favourites are theory...
  11. Zero

    Hello Hello

    What a vile secret indeed
  12. Zero

    It ME

    I follow the criteria but i feel like you dont enjoy my company
  13. Zero

    Medical Drone Creation for 327th Medics

    I see this as a very nice idea, Laser drones are really useless in combat currently and being able to have some use in this drone for being used for medical purposes would be nice for 327th medics.
  14. Zero

    BF2 > CGI

    I can agree, at first the CGI seemed promising but now they are quite pfft. #YESBF2
  15. Zero

    Hello Hello

    Your hyperactive teen Zero is here to say Hello Hello and with a great question for, Which Forums have the most nasty vile secrets you have ever heard of, examples of some to choose from but feel free to choose any forms. ;) 4Chan Reddit MVG