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  1. Jensen

    Bubble Shield Change

    If anything you should push more for a buff without removing health from the shield considering how useless this equipment is atm, Being able to shoot out of it is a good edition but it will still be getting deactivated instantly by a spawn pad of 15 droids shooting you all at once.
  2. Jensen

    Rename 104th to Wolfpack

    -support The Wolfpack in lore was a specialized unit inside the 104th battalion as you have it in game now, so making your whole regiment called wolfpack and changing your spec to "pathfinder" kind of takes away from it being a cool elite unit for people to join and rank up in.
  3. Jensen

    RC Changes

    I neglected the fact that fixer still has access to drones so I agree that the squad shield would be overkill, so I've removed that part of the suggestion.
  4. Jensen

    RC Changes

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your In-Game Name: RC Commander Jensen Suggestion: Add the Ricochet Mod to Delta-07 Sev Addons Needed (workshop link): None Reason: Sev is currently the highest-ranking sniper in RC and has...
  5. Jensen

    New cuff system

    This is pog +support
  6. Jensen

    Crosshairs Ricochet Mod

    Description of Bug: Crosshair has not yet had his ricochet mod returned to him after it was fixed and given the correct stats it was meant to have. How to replicate: Go on crosshair.
  7. Jensen

    Chapter 2

    -support not as good as my stories
  8. Jensen

    hi guys

    I stole ur Japanese mrs take the L bozo
  9. Jensen

    BF2 > CGI

    +support! I Think this would be awesome considering CGI looks like dog shit!
  10. Jensen

    Hunters Knife Damage

    Description of Bug: Hunters Knife damage randomly dropped to 150dmg from its original 200dmg. How to replicate: Go on the Hunter job and use the knife.
  11. Jensen

    Riggs' Bacta Smoke Opacity

    Your In-Game Name: RC Commander Jensen Suggestion: Change/Lower the Opacity of Riggs' Bacta smoke from his grenade launcher so that it doesn't blind everyone. Addons Needed (workshop link): None. Reason: Multiple complaints from people about how annoying his smoke is, Plus it deters players from...
  12. Jensen


  13. Jensen

    Areet lads

    Abby is mine now homeboy...
  14. Jensen

    Best reg

    Watch him resign later today lol
  15. Jensen

    It ME

    Welcome to the Dictator run forums!
  16. Jensen

    Part 2: "Assistant Battalion General Rabies: Love Beyond the Battlefield"

    Unfortunately Part 3 will never see the light of day and the story will end on a cliff hanger, You all have @Painite to thank for this.
  17. Jensen

    Injustice on the MVG Forums.

    Senior Admin Painite is going around removing likes from the people trying to make the forums active! @DeadShot please rectify this miscarriage of justice. The Victims are Myself, Valk, Roger and Dylan.
  18. Jensen

    rc needs lts pls transfer x

    who r u
  19. Jensen

    Part 2: "Assistant Battalion General Rabies: Love Beyond the Battlefield"

    Part 2: "Assistant Battalion General Rabies: Love Beyond the Battlefield" The world had changed since the days of war. Assistant Battalion General Rabies and the 501st Regiment had embraced a fragile peace, but in the shadows, a storm was brewing. A mysterious figure known as Senior Admin...