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  1. KellerSmeller

    Commanders' Meeting and Notices - 2023/09/24

    Commanders' Meeting & Notices - 2023/09/24 Republic Commandos: 0 RC Commander Jensen: 0 212th Attack Battalion: 0 212th Commander Dark: 0 Cuy'val Dar: 0 CD Commander N/A: 0 Galactic Marines: 0/+1 GM Marshal Commander Harkins: 0 327th Engineering Corps: 0/+1 327th Commander Cobala: 0/+1...
  2. KellerSmeller

    Rename 104th to Wolfpack

    This suggestion has been accepted by the Republic and her Generals team.
  3. KellerSmeller

    CD Ranks

    This suggestion has been accepted by the Republic and her Generals team.
  4. KellerSmeller

    CD Spec Changes

    Your In-Game Name: Supreme General Keller Suggestion: Gear shuffle of the CD specs Cuy'Val Dar Changes: - Remove Relby from Senior Officer Jobs - Remove the shitty cloak from all jobs that have it "electroplating cloak" - Remove CPT Job, Remove SGT Job - Buff the "Member Job" HP by 25 Reason...
  5. KellerSmeller

    What is a seal of neutrality, and how did it originate?

    wheres the fucking pink gang sleeper agent badge
  6. KellerSmeller

    Rules on the voting system.

    All staff Moderator+ vote on staff Apps, TMODs are allowed to give their opinion too, You aren't voted initially on staff, you are voted on obtaining advisor, which gives you barely anything, besides a small responsibility, after 2 weeks you are voted on again for TMOD access. If you pass...
  7. KellerSmeller

    Taylor's pac3 application

    You need a minimum of 100 words, please update this application to that standard, or it will be denied within 24hours.
  8. KellerSmeller

    Republic Rules and Regulations - 17/09/2023

    -= Credentials: | Codename: Geordie | ID: 1788 | Rank: Supreme General | Stationed: Titan Crew=- In service of The Grand Army Of The Republic Republic Army Rules and Regulations -17/09/2023 All rules and regulations are subject to change. The following rules MUST be included in any regiments...
  9. KellerSmeller

    Ranger Sub Spec

    "To the eyes of the beholder, in secrets we keep" This suggestion has been accepted for a Sub Spec inside of GC, involving everything BUT negotiations, as that is not our department, Fleet will follow up with their response to the negotiations side of things.
  10. KellerSmeller

    Vehicle Priority List Change

    "In the eyes of the beholder, in secrets we keep" This post has been DENIED, as we do not want 327th to have access to any more vehicles, as we believe they already have enough to sustain their selves. 501st CAN NOT drive, TX130s/ATTEs, or any vehicle they arent trained for, however, they may...
  11. KellerSmeller

    Trooper Complaint Template

    Template for Trooper Reports: Player Report: Name: Rank: Regiment: Individual your reporting: Their Rank: Their Regiment: Reason for Report: Evidence (Pictures/Recording): ------------------------------------------------- This is for IC reports only, and are for any ranking from...
  12. KellerSmeller

    Wall Of Generals: 12/09/2023

    Wall & History of Titans Generals Team BG Tanks: 2015-2015 - 4 Months ABG Dater: March 2016 - April 2016 - 1 Month BG Davros: UNKWN BG Blow: UNKWN ABG Lynch: UNKWN BG Trapper: May 2016 - April 2017 - 11 Months BG Dax: June 2016 - August 2016 - 3 Months ABG Huey: August 2016 - August 2016 - 2...
  13. KellerSmeller

    Current General Deployments

    Current General Deployments Updated: 12/09/2023 Supreme General Keller: Cuy'Val Dar Battalion General: Battalion General: Assistant Battalion General Rabies: N/A Assistant Battalion General: Assistant Battalion General: If you feel your regiment may benefit from a deployment, please contact an...
  14. KellerSmeller

    Player Report of Keller

    No problem with you Herm, besides your models and how poo poo they look (I'm not the only man who thinks this) - I have told you what I thought they lacked in and what they could do to be better - Don't know why you asked for the input, you couldn't care less. I will now pick apart the...